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Last Christmas 02/16

Last Christmas 02/16

By Marea67
About: Walkers and their satellites. Original Characters Alex Grodin and Max Carter are back!
Rate: from G to NC-17, this one: R.
Disclaimer: The Brothers & Sisters and satellites may not belong to me, but Alex Grodin and Max Carter definitely are figments of MY own sick fantasy.
Summary: Just before Christmas, a prisoner escapes with unfinished business on his mind.
Extra: To completely understand the full impact of this story you should (have)(re)-read "Happy Now?" chapter 1 to 12
Extra EXTRA!!! I've situated this story in season 4, until 4.09, so it will contain ***spoilers*** for those who have not seen season 4.


“Mother! What a surprise! I was just about to call you…” Nora nearly coos, feeling like a fake for sounding enthusiastic to hear Ida’s voice, when all she just wants to do is hang up.
“Sure, honey.” Ida replies and Nora is amazed how much disbelief can be transferred in two words over a phone-line. Then of course, it’s an art Ida excels in.

“No, really, mother. I’ve been talking to Saul and he’s so busy and I thought it might be nice, if I would be the one, to come over for Christmas and spend some time with you…”
“Saul doesn’t want to come?” Ida asks.
“He wants to, but it’s inconvenient for him and that is why I thought…”

“Don’t make it difficult on yourself, honey. I know you’d rather get hit by a bus, than see me, so …” Ida starts and Nora braces herself against the wave of self-pity that goes through her. Why had she come up with this idea? She’s such an idiot.
“No-o-o-o, mother, I would really love it….”

“Well, don’t bother, sweetheart… I wanted to plan a cruise, but thought that Saul wanted to come and see me. Now I know that he is not coming, I can make my reservation.” Ida says practically.
“But…. I want to come.” Nora now replies, feeling a bit rejected.

“Don’t be silly, Nora. Of course you don’t really want to come to see me. And that’s alright, with Saul incapable to join me, I can do what I want and not be a problem to you…. I’m so glad we have this problem solved…. I have to go. I’m late for bingo as we speak… Bye, honey…”
Although the connection is broken, Nora holds the phone a little longer, not sure if she’s disappointed or happy. She has to be honest. She’s happy she doesn’t have to go. She dreaded spending a long weekend with Ida. But at the same time she feels annoyed and rejected by Ida’s words.

She puts down the phone and jumps back with terror when it starts to ring. Oh my God, Ida changed her mind! Nora is sure about it as she picks up the phone.
“Mom, it’s Sarah. I was wondering what your plans for Christmas are?”

“Ahmm, why?”
“If you will be all alone, then the kids and I can make some time to come and see you?” Sarah offers sweetly and Nora feels weird. Her own mother is going on a cruise, but she’s staying home and feeling sorry for herself.

She frowns. Why should she herself not take some stupid cruise? Or get in her car and just drive off into the desert? Or spend some time in a hotel room near the beach, overlook the ocean and write a novel? Yes, she could do that…
“Mom?” Sarah’s voice sounds far away.

“Yes, honey, I’m here… It’s very sweet of you, Sarah, but you enjoy time with your kids. I have other plans.”
“You do?” Sarah doesn’t sound convinced.
“As all of you have said, it’s about time I have a life away from you guys.”

“So what plans do you have?” Sarah asks.
“Oh, you know… plans…” Nora replies vaguely. “Nothing written in rock, only in sand.”
“Sounds like a plan to me.” Sarah laughs. “If you change your mind….”
“I won’t. Don’t worry. I have an idea and just need to work out the details.” Nora says, growing more enthusiastic.


Jason puts a new batch of candles down on the table, when he hears a noise. He’s not scared, but this old church seems to have ‘ghosts’ of its own. From the shadows a form appears.
“Father Matthews!” Jason says delighted.

“Guilty conscience, my son?” his low and pleasant voice rumbles like a content grizzly-bear and Jason relaxes. Father Matthews is a good friend of his, 30 years his senior, but a man who has seen so much of the world and someone Jason admires.
“No. No conscience at all.” Jason answers, knowing he can afford to joke about this.

“Ah! Good. I need a ruthless man.”
“For what?”
“I need to go to the hospital... No, no, nothing serious, don’t worry, my boy. But it will take me about a week and I need someone to help the volunteers distributing food to those in need.”

“You want me to coordinate that?”
“Yes, please, I know you’ve done it ‘a l’improviste’ when I got sick with the flu last year and you did a good job and I need you there.”
“At what time do you expect me?”

“Six o’clock tomorrow-morning.” The voice booms and Jason cringes. That is early.
“Six it is.” He replies however and father Matthews puts a huge hand on his shoulder.
“Thank you.” As he disappears into the shadows again, Jason shakes his head. This will keep him busy until Christmas.

He searches his phone and calls Robert.
“Hey, Bobby, I need your help.”
“With what?”

“Remember last year, you sent me some guy with an analytical mind who helped me set up a schedule to deliver food?”
“Yes. I remember.” Robert replies.
“I need him again.”

“I’ll ask Kevin to call him and one of them will get in touch with you.”
“That will be great, thank you. He did in an hour what would take me a whole day to do.”
“Don’t worry. Consider it done.”
“You’re the best brother…. I’d vote for you if you were a Democrate.” Jason teases.


“Alex! Here!” A voice whispers insistently. Alex looks at John, one of the guards, and takes a deep breath. Sometimes things are just too easy. And John is one of those things. He wonders how a guard can be so stupid as to start something with a convict, but it gives Alex some room to move.. As long as he keeps John satisfied.

John pushes him up against the wall of the bathroom, Alex is the last one tonight. John does that on purpose, so he has some time alone with Alex. Alex likes the fact that John is as tall as he is and about the same build. That will be convenient. He has worked out his plan. All he needs to do now is execute it.

Alex’s smile is a bit insecure.
“Are you sure, John? If one of the others find out...? It’s hard enough in here without one of them suspecting that I’m doing .. you know... it... with one of the guards…” Alex whispers, pretending to be shy and uncomfortable.
“Don’t worry, baby, just be a good boy and your time in here can be good. So good.”

He pushes Alex to the floor and Alex squads down, knowing what is expected of him. It is not the most comfortable position, but it must do for now. John opens his pants and Alex starts to suck. His hands gently caress John’s thighs and belly to stimulate him.
“Yeah, baby, ... that’s it, ... that’s a good boy.” John moans.

Alex closes his eyes. He remembers … He remembers his stepfather punching him around. Anger flares up in Alex… He needs more anger! He remembers one of his former, now dead lovers, using him like a whore, giving him away to friends who just could have a ‘good time’ with him.

He sucks more frantically as the anger builds up in him. He’s focused on his ‘job’, but at the same time all his muscles tense up. Somewhere above him he can hear John’s encouragements to go on and that is when Alex stops and puts his teeth together as hard as he can in a firm bite, that makes John bend over forward with pain.

Alex is faster however. He jumps up and his knee hits John plain in the face, with considerable force. John’s upper-body jerks back up and hits the wall behind him and at the same time he feels Alex’s hands on his face. Alex bangs Johns head against the wall once, twice, … and he goes on until there’s no more resistance in John.

He lets go of John, who sinks to the floor leaving a trail of blood on the wall. Alex stares at it. Messy. This is messy. This is not what he is used to. Fire cleans up everything. He quickly takes of John’s shirt before there’s too much blood on it. He changes clothes with John, takes away all the jewelry, including his wedding-ring.

He puts his own clothes on John and parks him on one of the toilets. He carefully opens the door and check the hallway. There’s no one there. Good. With John’s key-card he opens up the storage-room and searches for some chemicals he can use to create a fire and with those he returns to the shower-area.

Five minutes later there’s an explosion, fire-alarms start to blare and in the general panic, one of the other guards notices, that the cameras for the showering area are turned off. He knows that John has something going on with one of the prisoners, he knows John is there and rushes off to help him.

In fact everyone is running towards the shower area trying to extinguish the fire and no one notices the man moving in the opposite direction, holding his head down and walking out the door. On the parking lot he clicks on the remote of the car-keys until one of the cars reacts. He gets in, starts the engine and leaves the prison area. Alex Grodin is free.


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