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Take me to the airport

Take me to the airport

By Marea67
About: Scotty/Julia
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine.
Summary: Scotty drives Julia to the airport, as he promised. *** SPOILERS *** for 4.10


“So, Kevin is not coming with us?” Julia asks as she zips up the bag.
“Ahm, no, he’s not that much into saying goodbyes…” Scotty apologizes.
“I see.” Julia nods and she puts Elizabeth in a chair in the back. She’s glad that Scotty brought Tommy's carseat for Elizabeth.

They are quiet for a while and then Julia asks:
“How’s Kevin dealing with it all?”
“Oh, you know, he’s brave. He believed he did the right thing in letting you know that Elizabeth is here.”

“And he did…”
“He tries to protect Tommy, keep you happy and get an occasional glance at his … niece.” The small hesitation is noticed by Julia, who frowns.
“I was surprised at first, when Kevin called, but then I got mad…”

“Yes, that’s what Kevin was afraid of.”
“I doubt that it would have been different if I would have found out afterwards,… I think it’s safe to say that I would have been mad either way.” “We just assumed that Tommy had your permission…”

“I know.” Julia nods, but she keeps an eye on Scotty. She can see that something is still on his mind. “Are …. Are we okay?” she then softly asks.
“Yes. Sure.” But Julia misses a certain sincerity to his words.
“Come on, Scotty. I’m smarter than that. You’re angry.”

“I’m not angry… It’s just… Kevin is my husband. I love him. I know how important Elizabeth is to him… Last week, we had ourselves tested and as it turns out, my sperm was better than Kevin’s. That’s not going to change. Even if we would have another child it would still make it the wisest decision to make it mine, rather than his, so….”

Julia starts to understand what Scotty is getting at. “He’s great about it, after his initial disappointment, but this means Elizabeth… She means a lot to him. I just feel … without blaming you for anything, mind you,… that Kevin is paying the price for his brother’s actions.” Scotty finishes his story.

Julia remains quiet, until she makes a remark about the wind picking up, which leads to discussing the weather in Seattle. By the time they reach the airport they are laughing and gossiping like nothing happened, though they both know better.
“Just leave me there at the entrance.” Julia says.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll park the car and help you and Elizabeth get on the plane.”
“I’ll be fine. And Elizabeth isn’t coming with me.” Julia replies softly.
“You’re going to take her back to Kevin and give him some time to be with his … niece.”

Her pause is deliberate and Scotty looks at her in surprise. “And then you and Kevin will take her to the wedding, where she can stay with her dad and watch her uncle Justin get married with aunt Rebecca under the watchful eye of her grandmother, uncles and aunts and cousins.”

“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Scotty Wandell, you can lay a really mean guilt-trip on someone.”
“I’ve been watching Nora closely, so I learned from the best.” Scotty jokes and they both start to laugh, leaving all tensions in the past.

“So, just give me my bag and take this little one back.” Julia smiles after one last hug. Scotty nods and five minutes later he sees her leave for the door. One more wave and on his arm Elizabeth waves back and then he turns to her.
“Let’s get you back to uncle Kevin, sweetie.” And he sees on her face a smile he knows so well.

Tags: character - julia, character - scotty

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