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By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Totally NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine.
Summary: They’re in bed, together, naked, it’s an NC-17. Guess!


It’s warm in the bed, under the covers, with Scotty’s soft voice close to his ear only serving as a reminder that he is powerless. His hands are tied over his head. Neither of them really likes these games and yet, for some dark reason, tonight their kissing and touching turned into this and Kevin does not mind at all.

It is not scary. One good pull and his hands are free, he’s aware of that. He knows that Scotty will not really tie him up. They have their safe-word, but the thrill of course is not to use it. The pleasure lies in letting go of control, in having faith that the other one will take you to your limits, but not cross the line of trust.

In fact, he needs nothing more than this. That hand in his hair. Those soft lips moving softly over his. Scotty’s other hand is between his thighs, playing with him, caressing him, arousing him, only to move away and make him whimper with the loss. Scotty laughs quietly at the sweet little sound Kevin makes.

“You like that, don’t you?” Scotty whispers near his ear and Kevin can only nod, his breathing uneven. “Turn over, baby.” Scotty continues and Kevin slowly turns to his stomach, until halfway Scotty stops him, to let his hand slide over Kevin’s belly, as Scotty kisses his shoulder.

Scotty’s touch makes him move backwards against Scotty’s body. That mouth on his shoulder makes him want to turn his body more towards lying on his stomach, but Scotty won’t let him. He plays with Kevin, knowing exactly which places on Kevin’s body are sensitive to his fingertips and they will make him moan with desire.

Scotty bites his lip as Kevin moves sensually against his body. It is too wicked to let Kevin ‘suffer’ like that, knowing how hard Kevin is for him and knowing that he’s the one who can give Kevin pleasure and yet he’s the one denying it to Kevin. At the same time it fills him with a strange feeling of satisfaction. Because Kevin lets him do this.

Scotty knows that Kevin doesn’t like these games and that it takes a lot to hand over control to Scotty and yet Kevin gives it to him, and it makes Scotty feel so special. So he shows his gratitude by letting his fingers circle around Kevin’s nipples and when Kevin’s lips part under the sudden touch, Scotty kisses him deeply.

Kevin moves against him again and there are some soft-spoken words. Scotty grins.
“What was that?” he teases.
“Please, Scotty….” Kevin begs and Scotty chuckles, pressing up against Kevin to let him know that Kevin is not the only one thoroughly aroused.

Scotty lets his hand slide over Kevin’s ass, then bows over to softly say:
“You’re so ready for this, aren’t you?” He can hear Kevin’s breath hitch, the heavy swallow of desire, followed by the whispered ‘please’. Scotty has taken his time to prepare Kevin, but now he no longer wants to postpone the inevitable.

Kevin gasps when Scotty enters him carefully, because it finally happens. He has the feeling that Scotty has been playing with him for hours and he cannot believe that he can get any harder for him than he is now. Scotty starts with slow thrusts and Kevin tries to get Scotty to move faster.

Scotty, however, keeps to his pace. He dictates the situation, he’s in charge, he makes the decisions. Kevin can feel Scotty’s hand on his back, moving along his spine, soothing him, but it doesn’t work, Kevin jerks underneath the touch, desperately wanting to find some satisfaction.

“Oh, you really want this, don’t you?” Scotty’s voice seems to come from far away and Kevin’s answer sounds almost like the growl of an animal. To his disappointment Scotty stops his movements. No!!! Kevin feels like he could explode and he’s about to argue, when he realizes that Scotty is reaching out over his head and undoes the tie that holds him.

There is almost a sigh of relief from Kevin, because he knows that Scotty is ready to finish his torture. He knows that Scotty wants to go through it with him. He shakes his wrists a bit to get rid of the numbness and then he braces himself for what is about to come.

Scotty starts to move again and Kevin grabs hold of the pillow. He closes his eyes, locks out all other feelings except Scotty’s lips on his shoulder, Scotty’s arms wrapped tightly around him, Scotty moving inside him… His hand slips between his body and the mattress, searching for a release of his own.

“Scotty… I need… I can’t …” his voice is tortured, no longer able to hold on.
“It’s alright, baby, let it go.” Scotty’s soft spoken approval, so close to his ear, followed by the slide of his hand over Kevin’s belly, further down, covering Kevin’s fingers and helping him over the edge, make Kevin cry out.

The shock of the orgasm rushes through his body, he jerks away from Scotty’s hand only to feel Scotty slip deeper inside him. He can feel Scotty’s teeth on his skin and how Scotty's grip around him tightens. He’s aware that he pushing Scotty to his climax, but he doesn’t care. All he wants is that moment where he and Scotty are together, just the two of them. In the dark.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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