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Reflections on an evening 2/2

Wow! 2 years ago I posted my first fic!

Reflections on an evening 2/2

By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: R.
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine. I know. Stop rubbing it in
Summary: Kevin/Scotty discuss the events in 4.09 “Pregnant Pause”. So ***SPOILERS***


“I’m sorry.” Kevin says, raising his hand to undo the buttons on his shirt.
“For what?” Scotty asks, pushing away Kevin’s hand and letting his fingers slide over the buttons and slowly opening up Kevin’s shirt.
“I was being rather nasty, wasn’t I? …”

“When?” Scotty asks, preventing Kevin from answering straightaway, because Kevin’s lips get covered by Scotty’s.
“Tonight… at the bachelor party from hell…” Kevin finally manages to answer between two, three kisses.

“Yeah, you were nasty to me.. but... you can make it up to me.”
“How?” Kevin asks innocently and Scotty grins.
“That DVD? Maybe we should make our own version on it….”
“Uhm, aren’t we … like… sort of … 4 man short for that.”

“We’ll just have to be creative then, now, won’t we?” Scotty hums as he kisses Kevin right under his ear and he feels the shiver run through Kevin’s body. “Mhmm, it was the bachelor party from hell, wasn’t it?” He asks as he casually pushes Kevin onto the bed.
“Yeah, poor Justin. Becoming a husband and a father…” Kevin moans, Scotty’s body covering his.

“At least we took it more slowly….” Scotty grins, pushing himself up a bit to let his fingers walk down Kevin’s chest, seeing the muscles move as the same fingers slide across the skin of Kevin’s belly to slip into his pants. Kevin closes his eyes and makes a small noise that sounds suspiciously aroused and Scotty kisses him again.

“You know what sucks? With all the work we put into this, Justin and Rebecca are just swooping in and blink… they’re pregnant.”
“It’s not a competition, Kevin.” Scotty says quietly. Kevin takes Scotty’s hand away, suddenly not in the mood anymore.
“I know. .. It’s just… I’m being silly, I know…” Kevin replies, sitting up.

“Am I very selfish for being disappointed that Rebecca is pregnant? I mean, I don’t want anything bad to happen to her. I only want the best of luck and love for both Justin and Rebecca.

But…. all they had to had to do was make a small mistake and they get what we wanted. Yet we had to go through endless files, pay a lot of money and spend hours talking and arguing about it.”

“Yes, and not long after they had their child, we will be holding our own. Our own daughter or son.” Scotty reminds Kevin.
“Ours.” Scotty corrects him and suddenly he feels less secure. “Unless…”

“Scotty, I love you. I can’t wait to hold a child that will have your beautiful blue eyes and will make the proudest dad in the universe. It’s just…” “… I guess, I would have been disappointed too, if hadn’t been me who… ‘won’. No matter how much I would have loved our child to be yours…”

Scotty smiles at Kevin and pushes him back on the bed and watches the face of the man he loves so much. There’s sadness and happiness battling to come out and Scotty sighs.
“Listen, if you prefer our baby to be yours….” He starts to concede, but Kevin stops him by placing his finger to Scotty’s lips.

“No. I said I wanted to give our child the best. And that is you.”
“I’m only the best, because I was thinking of you when .. I was in that room… you know… I mean, the DVD was good, but all I had to do was imagine you and me and … It was a joint effort. You were the one on my mind.”

Kevin starts to laugh at Scotty almost embarrassed little confession.
“I hope it beat imagining my mom in the shower with some guy?” and then Scotty starts to laugh as well and Kevin pulls him down into his arms.
“Shall I show you what I imagined?” Scotty teases and Kevin’s broad smile is all the answer he needs.

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