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Reflections on an evening 1/2

Wow! 2 years ago I posted my first fic!

Reflections on an evening 1/2
By Marea67
About: Robert/Kitty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine. I know. Stop rubbing it in
Summary: Robert/Kitty discuss the events in 4.09 “Pregnant Pause”. So ***SPOILERS!!!!***


“So, you told them…?” Kitty shakes her head.
“I wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t been worried about Justin. It wasn’t until Kevin yanked that glass out of Justin’s hands that I started to realize, why watching Justin pick up a drink bothered me. He was not supposed to be drinking.” Robert semi-apologizes.

“I should not have told you.” Kitty sighs, taking away the scarf around her head. Behind her Robert holds his breath for a second, there’s still something beautifully unsettling about her bald head. He loves it and at the same time, it frightens him.
“I’m glad you did.” He smiles, caressing her shoulder.

“What are we going to do?”
“We? No, Kitty, this is between Justin and Rebecca, they need to find their own solution.”
“I know, but I feel like I should offer some sisterly advice to either of them… I just hope that they won’t do something stupid.”

“Like what?”
“Rebecca may not think she’s ready. Or, Justin, so busy with school and all. What if they decide to have an abortion or something…?”
“Then we will respect their choice and not interfere.”

“Kit, this is their choice. We can only listen to their reasons and talk to them and make them see what they have as an advantage over certain other couples.

They have enough family behind them, there’s no financial problem, they are busy but not to a point where they can’t find a solution, I think. Yet, if they make their decision then it is their decision.”
“I know…” Kitty says softly. “It’s just when I think of how much I went through…”

“It will always remain unfair, Kit. Some people get children and squander that right to a point that they don’t deserve the privilege to call themselves parents. And others will try desperately to give a loving home to a child and are not allowed to… It’s life. All we can do is be there for Evan, and for Sophie and Jack. Justin and Rebecca will have to make their own choice here.”

Kitty knows Robert is right. She cannot force Rebecca to carry Justin’s child, just because she herself cannot carry one. But she’s not sure if she can support Rebecca, if Rebecca would decide…. But then Kitty shakes her head. No, she’ll deal with it when the time comes and now she needs her energy for other things.

“… and so you told the others about Rebecca being pregnant?” Kitty repeats suddenly, with a little smile on her face
“I know, I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I was worried about your baby-brother. And it was inappropriate. I should have let Justin tell them the news.”

“You… Robert McCallister… are so turning more and more into a Walker.” Kitty grins, gently tapping him on his nose. He pulls her closer.
“I’m not sure if that is the worst thing that could happen to me.” And he kisses her as he pushes her down on the bed..

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