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English cottage

English cottage

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters isn't mine. Written with love, not for money
Summary: Scotty sees the house of his dream.. too bad it's in England.
Extra: written for the 2nd challenge of [info]walkers_fics.


“When I’m old, I want to live here.” Scotty says, pointing at a picture in the ‘National Geographic’. Kevin looks up from the latest Senate-bill Robert asked him to look into and checks the caption to the picture.
“That is in Derbyshire, England, as in … Europe.” He replies slowly.

“Scotty, honestly, Europe?”
“What’s wrong with wanting a house in England?”
“For one, they speak another language.” Kevin answers lazily. “Two. Mom will have a heart-attack.”

“Good. One less reason to stay in America.” Scotty nods, a teasing smile around his lips.
“Scotty!” Kevin tries to sound insulted, but he knows that Scotty would never want anything to happen to Nora. “Why on Earth do you want to move there?”
“I want a little cottage just like that, with lots and lots of pink and blue and white flowers, just like those.”

“A cottage? Oh, my precious forever hopeful. What would you do with a garden? No, wait let me re-phrase that: What would we do with a garden?”
“I want to have more plants and flowers around me.” Scotty answers and Kevin cannot help but laugh out loud.

“You? Plants and flowers? Scotty, honey, I know you’re worried about the carbon footprint and so on, but have you ever worried about the high suicide rate amongst our plants?”
“True. 85% is a reason to be concerned...” Scotty concedes.
“Even the cactus wanted to move to the Death Valley, so he’d get more water.” Kevin reminds Scotty.

“That cactus had a heat-stroke.” Scotty replies.
“Yeah, after spending nearly 8 months in the blistering sun on our roof, because you forgot to take him back in.”
“Good thing then that you missed him so much, isn’t it?” Scotty grins.

“Who notices a cactus?” Kevin defends himself.
“You brought the thing home.”
“Justin wanted to throw it away.”
“Yes, and now we could throw it away.” Scotty shrugs, focusing back on his magazine.

It remains quiet for a while and then Kevin puts away his paperwork and asks:
“And when were we to make the move to England?”
“I don’t know. I was first thinking in terms of my own age, but I just realized that we cannot wait that long. With you being so much older than me and so on…”

Scotty hides his laugh behind the magazine, but Kevin can see the fun in his eyes.
“My age, huh?” He gets up and slowly walks over to Scotty.
“Yes.” Scotty back away a bit, still grinning, still hiding behind the magazine. Without another word, Kevin takes the magazine from Scotty’s hands and drops it on the table.

It’s but a little push to get Scotty flat on his back and with a grin Kevin goes straight for Scotty pants, quickly unbuckling them and then letting his fingers slide down the zipper. He doesn’t take his eyes off Scotty’s face and watches with a smirk as Scotty’s eyes close and his lips part, waiting for the kiss he knows will follow.

Kevin doesn’t like to keep Scotty waiting. Lips touch, hands search, tender kisses create soft moans and after a little wrestling and rolling on the couch, Kevin’s pants land on Scotty’s. The kisses become even more intimate as Kevin pushes closer to Scotty. Hips roll. One hardness seeks another and when they find each other, Kevin and Scotty are completely lost in their kiss.

Scotty spreads his legs a bit further, wanting more from Kevin, but instead of taking the silent invitation, Kevin breaks the kiss and moves away from Scotty, his arousal clearly showing.
“K..Kevin?” Scotty asks, a bit confused by the sudden end.

“Oh, you know, at my age I shouldn’t take any risks…. You know, blood-pressure gets too high, and that could lead to all sorts of illnesses, besides I didn’t take my Viagra today, so … I just have to be more calm with myself. Maybe lie down a bit and just…” His voice trails off a bit and he walks in the direction of the bedroom.

But at the door, he looks over his shoulder at Scotty, wiggles his ass and winks.
“You bastard!” Scotty whispers and then he starts to laugh. “Just wait until I get my hands on you, old man!” He pushes himself off the couch and runs after Kevin, causing Kevin to give a way too high pitched scream as he storms off to the bedroom, where he lets Scotty catch him.

They fall on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, laughing at their own silliness until their kisses take their breath away. Scotty’s mouth covers Kevin’s and he enjoys the way his husband caresses his back. He moans as Kevin’s hands move even lower down and pulls him closer to his own body.

They caress and kiss, touch and move against each other, until their actions become more frantic and the need for satisfaction comes closer. Kevin reaches out and hands Scotty the lube and Scotty doesn’t ask questions, he just follows his own desire to burry himself deep in Kevin.

He knows he moves too fast from the little flinch on Kevin’s face, but he can hardly wait.
“I’m sorry…” He whispers and Kevin merely nods knowing very well that Scotty would never hurt him on purpose… “I just want…. Want you….” Scotty moans as he pushes inside.

Kevin’s gasp of pain at the suddenness makes Scotty stop.
“Sorry, I’m so sorry… I’m sorry.” Scotty whispers against Kevin’s mouth, caressing his hair, trying to sooth Kevin’s hurt. Kevin breathes out with a little laughter.
Youthful impatience?” he softly jokes.

Scotty raises his head to look down on Kevin. He can’t believe how beautiful Kevin is, right there underneath him, on his back, his dark hair in sharp contrast with the lighter blue of the pillows. His blue eyes filled with lust and desire. His lips swollen from the many kisses.
“You’re so going to get it, old man.” Scotty teases back and Kevin looks at him with disbelief.

“Promises, promises.” He challenges and it’s all Scotty needs. The first thrust are perhaps slow and careful, but not for long. He can no longer hold back his desire and underneath him Kevin meets him on every thrust. The whispered encouragements are like music to Scotty’s ears. Letting go of all further restraint, he surrenders to his passion.

Kevin cries out as his own release comes way too quickly and then Scotty can no longer stop it either and lets go. For a little while the only sounds are the heavy breathing that only slowly calms down, the whispered words of love and their soft laughter as they enjoy the after-glow in all intimacy.

Finally Scotty rolls back on the bed. The sheets are so cool against his skin and he enjoys the feeling of it. Kevin puts an arm around his waist and Scotty runs his fingers through Kevin’s hair.
“Maybe we could simply grow old in this loft. It has all I need.” Kevin sighs.

“Really?” Scotty asks.
“It has you. I don’t need anything else.” Kevin replies dreamily.
“So? No cottage in England?”

“No flowers and plants?”
“I’ll buy you plastic ones… and if you’re a really good boy, maybe even a few of those beautiful ones made of silk.”
“Oooh, I’ll be good.” Scotty grins and he can hear Kevin chuckle.

“Maybe we can go to England for a holiday?” Kevin suddenly suggests.
“Now, there’s a thought.”
“Who knows, I might even change my mind about buying a cottage…” Kevin sounds sleepy.
“Yeah, right.” Scotty smiles, knowing from Kevin’s slow breathing, that Kevin is asleep.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, rate - nc-17

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