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amnesia - part 3/3

Amnesia Part 3/3

By Marea67

About: Kevin, Scotty, Jason

Rate: G.

Disclaimer: B&S is not mine, written with love, not for money.

Summary: After an accident Jason looses the last two years of his life.


“Are you sure you’re alright?” the driver asks, throwing a concerned look at the bandage around Jason’s head.

“Yeah, fine. Hit my head. It looks worse than it is.” Jason smiles his most soothing smile and after another look at the passenger the man looks back at the road before him.

It’s warm in the cab and in the sunlight coming in through the window, Jason closes his eyes, as the humming sound puts him to sleep….

… He’s driving. The music is playing. Kevin is beside him in the car. One moment he’s driving, the next he sees a huge, dark object coming at him. He hits the brakes, …

… the car passes him by an inch. The man behind the wheel looks angrily at Jason, before speeding away.

“Are you alright?” He asks Kevin and Kevin, shaken, but seemingly alright, nods.

“Wow. That idiot nearly killed us... and your trip to Malaysia.” Kevin replies.

And Jason looks over his shoulder to his bags. Packed and ready for leaving.
“Let’s forget this. I have a plane to catch…” Jason smiles, quickly giving Kevin a kiss.

Jason blinks and feels disorientated. What was that? A memory? A dream? But he hasn’t gone to Malaysia yet. It had to be a dream…

Again his head starts to hurt. Almost as if some pressure is building up in it. What if there is something wrong with him? What if he IS going insane? Or if he DOES have some brain-damage? And just as panics starts to rise, the cab takes a turn and Jason is in front of the building Kevin lives in.


Scotty signs two more documents, then he’s ready with the first part of a huge dinner he’s supposed to organize in the restaurant. And all he needs now is some coffee to stay awake during this boring part of the job. He stacks his papers, and prepares the second part to finish after his coffee. With a deep sigh he disappears into the kitchen.


Jason only now realizes he forgot to bring his keys… He feels so stupid. How is he supposed to get in? He is thinking about an answer when the door opens and ..
“Mrs Berrymen!” He says.

“Reverend McCallister! What happened to you?”

“A small accident… Can I go in? I want to see Kevin.”

“Sure. Go up.” She smiles. “Kevin isn’t in. I saw him leave.” She yells as Jason walks up to the elevator. Then she says something else, just as the door opens. Jason isn’t entirely sure but it sounded something like ‘Scotty is home though’.

Mhmm, what a weird thing to say. Who’s Scotty and why is the name familiar? The headache flares up again and Jason would love to pound his head against the wall of the elevator. Instead, he just lets it rest. He closes his eyes as he hears a voice:

“Kevin, tell him how well I do soft-shelled crabs…”

Jason presses the ‘5’ button for the 5th floor and slowly the elevator starts to move. Still with his head against the wall, he closes his eyes again.

“You wanna know why I didn’t call?”


“I thought it would make it worse.”


“I missed you too much!”

“You know what that is? That is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard…”

Jason lifts his head with more speed than he planned, immediately the pain rushes back. Why is Kevin angry with him? Did they fight before the accident? The elevator stops and he enters the corridor to Kevin’s apartment. Somehow it looks different. Different paintings? ... something.. why can’t he remember it?


Scotty puts his papers in the canvas bag, along with two cook-books that he will need tonight, just in case he needs the recipe to fall back on. On top of that are the several drawings that Paige and Cooper made for his office at the restaurant. He smiles at the colorful cake that Cooper drew him. Candles and all.

He opens the door to put the bag outside so he won’t forget it and …

“Jason?!” Scotty is shocked, not only by the fact that Jason stands in front of his door, but also by how pale he looks, the pain that is clearly written on his face and the blood that is showing on the bandage around his head as if the wound is bleeding again.

“Who are you?” Jason asks, confused by the fact that he has seen Scotty’s face before, but can’t place it.

“I…I clean the loft?...” Scotty makes up on the spot.

“Kevin has someone to clean the loft?” Jason asks, though it would explain why he knows the young man’s face.

“Yes. I do … occasionally.” Scotty replies truthfully.

“Can I come in?”



“I’m… I’m not allowed to let strangers into the loft, when he’s not here.”

“I’m his boyfriend. You know my name. You just mentioned it.” Shoot! Busted! Scotty quickly thinks over his options and can come up with only one.

“I’m sorry.” He says and slams the door closed in front of Jason.

Though the peep-hole Scotty can see Jason’s baffled face and he hurriedly presses the speed-dial, but Kevin doesn’t answer his phone. Oh, of course. Meeting. He has no other option but to call Robert’s office and ask the secretary to leave an urgent message for Kevin.


Kevin has long lost the thread of the conversation. Mr Harding is a boring speaker and his voice makes Kevin sleepy. He is tired and wants to get out and get some fresh air. There’s a knock on the door and the secretary comes in, places a piece of paper before Kevin and quietly leaves again.

Kevin reads the message, frowns, reads it again and then clears his throat.

“Mr Harding, I’m sorry to interrupt your fascinating speech, but Senator McCallister has a family emergency.” Kevin says politely.

“I do?” Robert wonders if Kevin is trying to get out of this boring meeting.

That is when Kevin gives him the piece of paper on which is written:

“Message from your husband: Jason is at the loft!”

“We do have a family emergency.” Robert confirms, following Kevin’s example and getting ready to end the meeting.


On the other side of the door, Jason still stands, confused by the whole situation. He’s tired, his head hurts even worse than before, he feels caught in a nightmare that just doesn’t end. He lifts his hand and knocks on the door.

“Please, let me in.” He begs.

It remains quiet and Jason wonders if the young man even heard him. And just when he wants to knock again, the door opens. Scotty had planned to tell Jason that Kevin and Robert were on their way, but when he sees Jason, he recognizes that Jason looks pretty bad. Scotty forgets the story he’s supposed to uphold.

“Jason? You looks sick and you need to rest.”

“I shouldn’t have left the hospital…”

“… but I feel so confused and tired.”

“You’ve had a serious accident’….”

“That’s not it. Since I woke up, I feel … oh, you’re going to think I’m insane…”

“No, I won’t…” Scotty shakes his head.

“I feel as if nothing is real. Kevin. Robert. They all act so strangely. I drove here by cab. I didn’t recognize things. T
here are changes everywhere. How could so much have changed in a few days? I hear voices. Mine, Kevin’s, … Another person? Yours maybe… Conversations I cannot remember having, but it’s all so real.”

Jason seems so confused and worried, that Scotty silently curses Robert’s plan and the fact that he went along with it, even though Kevin didn’t want to hear about it.

“Jason…. Why don’t you come in?” Scotty says, opening the door even further to let Jason in.

And again Jason feels lost. The loft is the same, but different. He recognizes Kevin’s desk. The couch. Books. Knick-knacks. But at the same time there’s another touch to the place, another scent, another life. There’s ….

… Scotty. Looking rather uncomfortable. As uncomfortable as he feels.

“What is going on?” Jason asks, his voice soft and tired.

“Sit down.” Scotty invites, and as he motions to the couch, Jason sees a wedding-ring on Scotty’s finger and he feels even more confused.

Scotty gathers his thoughts as he pours the coffee.

“Jason, you had an accident a few days ago…” He starts and Jason nods, he knows that. “We were all concerned about you because your car took a hard hit. When you came to, you told Robert that, according to you, it’s 2007, but it’s not…”

“It’s not…?”

“...2007. It’s 2009. You’ve lost two years of your life…” Scotty is trembling inside, but outwardly seems calm. Jason blinks a few times.

“I… I don’t believe you.” He then stammers.

“Newspaper.” Scotty places the paper before Jason. “Read the date….” He clicks on the remote. “See the date on the news? 2009… That is also the reason why you weren’t allowed tv, radio, newspapers…” Something in Scotty’s calm spoken words starts to make sense to Jason.

“What happened? What is real? What isn’t?” He asks, bringing his hand to his head.

“For some reason you got stuck in 2007, a few days before you had to leave for Malaysia.”
“Did I go?”

“Yes. But… from what I’ve gathered… it’s not like you and I ever discussed this… you had a spiritual crises and …” Scotty searches for the right words. “.. you … withdrew from Kevin… emotionally… You didn’t call him... It was like he no longer existed for you and.. around the same time… Kevin and I ran into each other again and … Things happened.”

“Did he cheat on me?” Jason asks quietly.

“Yes.” Scotty’s answer makes Jason close his eyes. He knew it. Yesterday something had been ‘off’ between Kevin and him… No wonder… Even now, the message that Kevin cheated on him, doesn’t touch him. Kevin is no longer his.

Again he looks at Scotty.

“Go on, please… things are starting to make sense to me.”

“Kevin broke up with you…”

“.. Over the phone?” Jason asks, curious about a vague memory. Scotty nods.

“… and asked me … to be with him… Then you came back from Malaysia and you and Kevin would meet you here, at the loft and…”

“Soft-shelled crabs?”

“I made them…” Scotty smiled. “I was so incredibly jealous of you…., but that night….”

“..Was the definitive end of Kevin and me...?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“And you two got married?”

“Last year… You were invited, but you declined.. You sent us a painting though.”


“Yes, it’s in the kitchen. It’s a table of food with a law-book in the centre….” He sees the questioning look on Jason’s face and smiles: “I’m a chef-cook… Kevin is…”

“.. a lawyer.” Jason laughs and then more hesitantly: “Are we … friends?”

“No. But we’re not enemies either. We just live our own lives.” Scotty pays close attention to Jason, he can see how Jason is trying to sort out the information he just received. “Kevin and Robert are on their way over here. I’m sure that if you have questions they can answer them as well.”

“Thank you…. I’m not happy with the memory-loss, but, at least, certain things make sense now. I truly believed I was going out of my mind these last 24 hours. It was a nightmare.” He shivers and Scotty puts a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry. You should have known the truth from the start, just as Kevin said.”

“You know… Nothing happened between Kevin and me yesterday… Just in case you were wondering.” Jason is so shy in admitting this, that Scotty manages to hide his smile and stay serious as well.

“Kevin told me. It bothered him so much that he had to lie to you.”

“He shouldn’t have done it. He’s married to you. It’s not something I take lightly.”

“That’s what he said as well. I understand that he spoke to Robert earlier and that they intended to go to the hospital and tell you the truth right after their meeting.” Scotty’s words seem to take away some of the tension in Jason. “Maybe you should lie down an bit and rest?”

Jason feels how tired he is and he nods.

“Do you want to lie down on the couch or the bed?”

“I don’t want to….”

“Just lie down.” Scotty pushes gently to let Jason lie down.

He lets his fingers casually run through Jason’s hair, a soft caress, as if to sooth a child, but it gives him the opportunity to touch the bandages. Yes, it is new blood. The bandages are wet. He continues his soft touch until, slowly but surely, Jason relaxes and falls asleep.

Scotty covers him with a thin blanket, he then tries to contact Kevin, but the telephone is turned off. So he writes a quick note for Kevin and Robert and sticks it on the door with some tape.

“Kevin, Robert - Jason is asleep. Enter quietly, please. - Scotty.”


“Of course I know their service is spotty, …”

“.. Then let’s not argue. Is everything alright?”

“No, I’m good. I’m good. I just.. ah..”

“Take it easy, I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah… I .. well … I need … I need… I need to talk to you too.”

“You’ve been trying long enough to reach me… So, you go first…”

“Jase… I… I don’t know how to tell you this…”

“What, Kev?” Jason starts to feel very uneasy.

“I… I slept with someone else….” Kevin blurts out. It stays quiet on the phone. “Jase?”

“Ahm… I.. I don’t know what to say… Are you asking me to forgive you? Because…”

“No… I just want to be honest with you… I’m not going to lie like my father did… I’m in love with someone else and I slept with him… and…”

“In love? Just like that?”

“No ‘just like that’. I fell in love with him a year ago, but he dumped me and I… I moved on… but we met again… and I… I thought that I had lost him forever, but I think he might still be interested in me… and…” Kevin’s voice fades.

“I see…”

“Jason, I’m terribly sorry. So far, it was only a one-night thing.. I was drunk. And so was he. If he hadn’t been, he would not have slept with me….” Jason listens to Kevin’s quickly spoken words. The 'other man' would not have done it? What about Kevin?

“… I don’t even know if Scotty is really interested in giving me a second chance, but it did make me realize one thing… Scotty is the one I’m in love with and … what I feel for you is not the same… I would be lying if I pretended it could ever feel the same and you deserve better…”

There’s a long silence between them, but then Jason finds his voice back.

“I see.” He replies in a rough voice and he takes his hands off the key-board, where he was just about to order his flight back to America. “So… We’re through?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, me too… I guess there’s nothing left to say then…” Jason realizes.


“Bye, Kevin.”

“Bye, Jason.” The line is dead and Jason clicks away the site on the newly installed computer.



“Well, you look a lot better.” Kevin laughs and Jason feels better too. The headache has lessened. The wounds have been cleaned. His pain-killers have been reduced and in all he feels more in control.

“I’m glad to see you both. Those smell absolutely delicious, Scotty.”

“Thank you… Kevin figured the hospital wouldn’t allow me to bring some crustaceans, but cookies would do…”

“Too bad. I was really looking forward to a plate of those delicious soft-shelled crabs.”

“Well, I’ll see what I can do, if you come out of the hospital.” Scotty teases.

“Yeah, we could invite Chad Barry over as well.” Kevin suggests.

“No way! He’s take one look at Jason and propose a foursome.” Scotty shakes his head.

“I don’t think I’m up for that yet. Still have head-aches, you know.” Jason laughs.

“Did they find out what caused them?”

“No. But I think I figured out why I got stuck in 2007. Do you remember when we drove to the airport to go to Malaysia..?” Jason asks and Kevin nods. “and that we got almost run of the road, by that black car?”

“Yes, that moron!”

“Nearly the same thing happened a few days ago. Also a big black stain coming at me. Only this time, he didn’t miss me, he hit me pretty bad. The doctor thinks that the similarities between those two accidents played a bad trick on my head… But I’m getting better and my memory is coming back to me rather fast.”

“Good, happy to hear that. Robert must be thrilled….”

“Not really. I gave him a piece of my mind yesterday about lying to me. I don’t think he’s going to do THAT again…, and… it was nice of him to be so worried about me… just don’t tell him that.” Jason now grins.

At that moment a young nurse enters.

“Sorry. I need five minutes with the patient.” She says, making it clear to Kevin and Scotty to get out of the room.

“We’ll be back in five minutes.” Kevin promises as he and Scotty are leaving.

In the hall, he turns to Scotty and pulls him closer for a quick kiss.

“What is that for?”

“Because you’re an amazing husband and I’m so glad you enough faith in me.”

“… and then I get all jealous…”

“Yes. And I’m glad you did. I would feel bad if you didn’t care that I pretended not to be married to you… But you did care.”

“Of course I care. You’re my husband and I love you.” Scotty replies softly.

“And I love you, Scotty.”



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