marea67 (marea67) wrote,

A smile and a tear

A smile and a tear

By Marea67
: Kevin and Robert (Yes, I wrote a Kevin and Robert-story. Do you think I have the Mexican flu?)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. If B&S were mine there would be no way in hell that Kevin would work for Robert.
Summary: Their talk in the car in 4.07 wasn't over yet.


"… So how do you think that Kitty is doing?” Robert asks.

“As well as can be expected.” Kevin answers neutrally.

“Yeah, me too.” Robert replies equally neutral as he watches the car drive out of the building. For a moment he’s quiet, then he turns to Kevin.

“What was this about an invasion by a crazy man?”

“It scared the hell out of me! I mean, I just opened the door and there was this yellow-red ‘thing’ waving a battle-ax at me!” Kevin remembers.

“Sorry?” A little amused smile appears on Robert’s face.


“Some caped crusader from some comic-book series.”

“What?!” Robert’s grin grows even wider.

“Some guy in a yellow-red costume.”

“Was one of your neighbors tripping?”


“Worse! It was my father-in-law.”

“Scotty’s dad?” Robert really starts to laugh.

“Yeah. Wally Wandell, dressed up in a suit that was way too weird for me.” Robert remembers Wally as a quiet man and somehow it sounds too funny.


“He’s here for a comic-book convention…” Kevin explains.

“Ah, yes, Jason mentioned it. He was always the one more interested in comics than me.”

“Wait. Jason liked comics?”


“Yes. Loved them. But mom didn’t think they were ‘educational’ enough. He used to read them at his friends’ places, but I was never so lucky.”

“No friends, huh?” Kevin mocks.

“That too.” Robert laughs.


They are both enjoying a quiet moment but Robert notices the little frown on Kevin’s face and he feels that the upcoming debate is not the first thing on Kevin’s mind.

“Is everything alright with Wally?”

“Yeah.. Yeah...” Kevin answers hesitantly, wondering how much he should say to Robert.


“Not convincing.” Robert replies.
“He told Scotty that Bertha left him. They split up.”

“I’m not surprised. I can still feel the draft when I think of her.”

“She’s not a bad person.” Kevin says automatically.


“No, of course not.” Robert nods. “But she’s not the warmest person either…. How’s Scotty taking it?”

“It was a big shock for him…. I think Scott believed that Wally was so used to being under Bertha’s thumb, that he would never walk away from Bertha.”


Robert considers Kevin’s words.

“If that is the case, then it’s a good thing he left..  You know, get your own identity and such… but yes, I can imagine that after so many years, the change must come as a shock to Scotty.”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to talk about this with you. You have enough on your mind.”

“Don’t worry, Kevin. It’s nice to not think about Kitty or the campaign for a few minutes.”  Robert smiles at Kevin. “Guess, you want to be home early tonight, then? To talk to Scotty and Wally.”


“We’ll see.” Kevin says, not committing to anything.

“Why don’t you go home right after the debate? I’ll tell Nora that you can’t come to the fund-raiser. I think she’ll understand and .... I have to be there. Kitty insists on it….”

“Thank you.” Kevin now smiles as well.



Tags: character - kevin, character - robert

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