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Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!


By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty

Rate: G.

Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters are not mine. Written with love, not for money.

Summary: Kevin/Scotty go home after the dinner in 4.06 (Contains spoilers for that episode!) 




“We’re leaving.” Kevin says and his voice clearly indicates that he doesn’t wish to be contradicted. Scotty frowns.

“Kevin, we hardly had anything to eat.”

“I'll take you to the McDrive if you insist on it.”



“Scotty, if you’re not in our car in one minute, you’ll be taking a cab again and this time: no refund!”  Kevin threatens. Scotty makes a face at Rebecca, but follows Kevin without another word. It’s only when they are near the car, that Scotty grabs Kevin’s arm.

“Stop!... What the hell is going on?” Scotty asks.


When Kevin turns to him his face is angry and his eyes shoot fire.
“If I don’t get out of here, Scotty, I’m going to kill him… I swear, I’m going into that house and just … kill him!”

“Alright, I get it. We need to get out of here…. But I’ll drive.”


For a moment it seems as if Kevin isn’t willing to give him the keys.

“Please, Kev, I just don’t want you to drive if you’re this angry.”  Scotty soothes and Kevin hands him the keys and sits down in the passenger seat. Scotty quickly looks at Kevin before driving away from Nora’s house.


For the first two minutes it’s a quiet, but then Kevin explodes:

“How could I have been so stupid?! Stupid, stupid, stupid! He lied to me! He lied to me straight-faced and I never even suspected it! When we were in Mexico he said he would get in touch with Julia again. I believed he wanted to be there for Elizabeth.


When he said this morning that Elizabeth was doing fine, I was relieved. Julia hasn’t returned any of our phone-calls any more than she returned mom’s calls. And I’ve been worried. I know I have no claim. There’s nothing I can do about it. Bu that  little girl is still….” His voice trails off. Kevin cannot say it and Scotty’s grip on the steering wheel tightens.


There’s still a lot of pain in Kevin’s voice when he continues:

“This morning, I thought I understood why she hadn't called back … I thought Tommy had kept his promise. That the reason why Julia hadn’t called back was because Tommy was back to being Elizabeth’s father and that I… I wasn’t needed… I was so relieved…


I mean, Tommy is the only father she has ever known and she deserves to have him in her life and I sincerely believed that Tommy was there, in her life. That he took responsibility for her. I … I was proud of him….. In Mexico he said he was glad I confronted him with what he had done…


And… he asked me to .. keep an open mind… and also see it if he did something right and this morning… I was so proud of him. I believed he had done the right thing. And I got mad at myself for not having faith in him… I beat myself up over not giving him enough credit…


And all along I was right. He is just a liar… A big liar… I feel so stupid. So incredibly stupid for allowing him to disappoint me again …”



“Please, Scotty, don’t start to make excuses or anything else. I got lied at. Again! And you know what really sucks?  I just sat there at that table, listening to Tommy and mom fight over my… Over Elizabeth…  and I …. I just sat there… And I didn’t do anything… Because I never do anything… I just take it… Let it wash over me… And then I wanted to hurt him. Hurt him like I’ve never done before…”


“Kevin, you scare me.”

“I scare myself. I’ve never felt this… powerless before in my life and I just want to HURT Tommy.”

“Kevin,…” Scotty starts again, but Kevin interupts him.


“Don’t…. Just, please, don’t say anything… because the only thing that will happen, is that we start to argue and Tommy is not worth it…” Kevin says in the dark and Scotty looks at the road ahead. Kevin has every right to be angry and disappointed and all  Scotty can do is wait for Kevin's anger to subside and be there when Kevin needs a shoulder to cry on.

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