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the eye deceived

The eye deceived


By Marea67


About: Kevin/Scotty +  appearences by Justin, Tommy and Sarah.

Rate: G? R?

Disclaimer: I know it’s not mine, stop rubbing it in…

Summary: Sometimes the eyes can deceive you….

Extra: This one has been on my computer for more than a year. Just an idea that somehow never seemed to get finished. Takes place right after 2.12 "Compromises"



“It was nice of your mother to invite us to dinner.” Scotty says, stretching a bit on the bench in the back of Nora’s garden. It’s a little secluded place and he loves to be here with Kevin. There is a stone bench amidst all the flowers and plants and it is very romantic. “And Sarah was happy to see you again….” Scotty grins, raising an eyebrow.


Kevin gives him a quick, semi-angry glance over the reminder. Only two weeks ago, Kevin had made a complete fool of himself at the karaoke bar. Well, Scotty had felt that Kevin had been utterly cute, but Sarah had given every little detail, the ones Kevin couldn’t even remember, to their  family and his family had made a lot of fun of Kevin.


“I think we should go back to the house, dinner will be almost ready by now.” Kevin says and Scotty agrees with a nod, feeling a bit sad that he has to leave this quiet place for this noisy family, which he loves dearly. However, before he can get up he hears Kevin swear.


“What is it?” he asks alarmed.

“My pen. I dropped it. Wait, don’t move a muscle, it slipped under the bench,… wait up!”

“Get yourself another pen…”
“Can’t.  I got that one from my dad when I graduated.  It’s my  lucky pen… Here, spread your legs a bit.”


Kevin feels underneath the bench, but somehow cannot reach the pen just yet.

“You’ll have get further down.” Scotty says, unaware that at that moment, Justin enters their secluded little area. Justin stops in his tracks and stares at Scotty with Kevin’s head between his legs…


“Ahm… you guys… Mom, wants to start dinner.” He says hesitantly, determined not to set one. step. closer.

“Just give me five minutes, will you? I’m almost done!” Kevin barks giving Justin a quick angry look over his shoulder. Justin nods numbly and turns around to walk away. Kevin turns back to reach for his pen again, grabbing Scotty’s knee as a hold.


Justin  is on the other side of the hedge, when he hears Scotty’s pained:

“Ouch! Don’t squeeze so hard. That hurts!” And Justin flees to the house as if he’s chased by the devil.

“Got it!” Kevin says victoriously, holding up the pen.

“Good. Can we go now? .... If you didn’t break my knee in the process….” Scotty now asks.


They take their time to walk back to  the house, knowing that between the warning for food and the food actually being on the table, there’s always a window of a few minutes. They enter through the garden doors into the living room and move on to the dinner-table.


Scotty is probably more aware of a change in mood than Kevin, but he feels a definite chill when he and Kevin enter the room. A glare from Tommy and a frown from Sarah. He doesn’t get it. Kevin is however oblivious to the temperature-drop.

“I’m glad there’s food. I’m starving.” Kevin says.


“Really? Thought you just had your fill.” Tommy sneers.

“Excuse me?” Kevin wonders.

“Kevin, we have rules in this house.” Sarah bites back.

“About eating?” Scotty asks stupefied.


“About sex in the garden.” Sarah answers. Kevin and Scotty both look at her as if she has spontaneously grown two heads.

“What are you talking about?” Kevin carefully asks, still not getting where this conversation is going.


“Kissing, alright, no issues. But when the kids are here, no sexual activity beyond kissing. That goes for all of us. Including you two.” Tommy reminds him.

“Yes, exactly, what if I would have sent Paige instead of Justin to get you and she would have been the one walking in on you giving Scotty a blow-job….?” Sarah says.


Kevin looks at her horrified and she wrongly assumes, that he hadn’t thought of that, when in reality Kevin wonders what on Earth Sarah is talking about. Scotty gets the picture in his head quicker than Kevin does and, kicking Kevin under the table, he says with his most charming and apologetic smile:

“I’m sorry, Sarah, you’re absolutely right…. It was a spur of the moment thing and we didn’t think it through really
. I agree, we should have thought about the possibility that Paige or Coop could have been accidentally a witness to such a scene. And you’re right, they are too young for this. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”


Kevin now casts his look of horror on Scotty, but Scotty only smiles back at him and both Sarah and Tommy are immediately more relaxed. Their smiles are back and Scotty can feel the friendliness as well.  


Nora enters the room and the attention goes to the chicken on the plate she’s carrying.

“But we didn’t….” Kevin whispers, slightly annoyed.

“I know.” Scotty whispers back. “but there’s no harm in letting them think we did….” Then he grins. “Besides… You can always make it up to me later on.” He winks.


The end


Tags: character - justin, character - kevin, character - sarah, character - scotty, character - tommy

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