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Tales from the pantry : Dog-food.

Tales from the pantry

Story: Dog-food

By Marea67
About: Nora and William
Rated: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine.
Summary: The pantry releases a story of Nora
Special thanks: Sueli, for giving me the idea
Nora opened the tin can with dog-food. Bingo was eagerly waiting, waiving his tail. A feeling of nausea engulfed her. What the….? Was there something wrong with the dog food? She tried to smell, but it really turned her stomach. Yet it didn’t seem to be wrong. Would she still be sick?
She had the flu a few weeks ago and she had an difficult time shaking it. She was tired all the time, could fall asleep anywhere, and these last few days the mornings had brought her nothing more than throwing up, even when she had not eaten and….
These last few days?….The mornings? A thought came to her mind, but she dismissed it. She couldn’t be pregnant. Not now. It would be too soon. She and William only got married recently and they just bought this house. She sat down on the stool. She looked around this pantry.

And she remembered how only  a few weeks ago……
“And this is the pantry.” William said. Nora looked around the empty room. There was only one little, but strong wooden table. She had to imagine the cupboards herself and she envisioned the shelves, maybe a side-table or two to put grocery bags on.
“Oh, William, this house is so beautiful. But isn’t it a bit too big? Can we afford it yet?”
“Nora, not only can we afford it, I want it. It’s not too big… A few years from now we will have our child. Or children.” Nora looked up at William. He was so handsome and so smart. And she felt so loved by him. “I’ve been thinking to maybe make a study from where I can work with Ojai, it will save us the trouble of hiring office-space.”
“Good idea .” Handsome and clever. How could she go wrong? And he was sincere. They married two months ago and already he went looking for a better place to live than the small loft they had. He has this plan in his mind. Children, company, house. She sighed. She would have to give up her job… but they would work together, side by side, to built Ojai and she was more than eager to help William.
William softly kissed her hair.
“I love you, Nora Walker.” He took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly. Her lips parted under his kiss. Leaning a bit against her, he pushed her against the only small table.
“William! We can’t do it here.” She said, a bit flushed. William grinned.
“Why not? We are all alone in this house. It will be ours and why should we not enjoy it?”
He made her sit on the edge of the table.
“William, this is inappropriate.” She tried to sound innocent, but only ended up sounding very inviting. He laughed as he pushed her down, her back on the table.
“You are really putting up a fight, huh?” He said and she could not help but smile too.
“It’s not much, huh?” She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, pulling him down on top of her. His hands slipped underneath her dress. She looked at him, waiting, inviting, sexy and William could no longer resist her…..
Nora woke up from her daydreaming. Could it be possible? Could she be pregnant? She was suddenly so excited. How could she find out? She must make an appointment with the doctor…
She left the pantry to call him, but returned almost immediately. She forgot to feed Bingo, but Bingo didn’t wait. His food was on the floor and almost gone by the time she came back. He made a mess, but she didn’t care. SHE had other worries.
The end
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