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By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty

Rate: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. No, seriously, I don’t, I checked it twice!

Summary: Enjoy the silence




Scotty just folds the last t-shirt and puts it on top of the others. He closes the door and suddenly notices he’s not alone in the room. A hand gets placed over this mouth and he gets dragged to the bed.  Without much ceremony he’s pushed onto it and before he can ask what is going on, his mouth gets covered by that of his husband.


Kevin doesn’t waste time, and while Scotty still wonders what is going on, why Kevin came home without a sound and what could have made Kevin so horny (not that he’s complaining, mind you), Kevin yanks the t-shirt over Scotty’s head with such force that Scotty can swear he heard the seams rip.


The ‘attack’ immediately continues. With one hand behind Scotty’s head to ‘force’ him into the kiss, the other hand disappears between them and it takes a few seconds, for the realization to sink in, that Kevin is undoing the buttons of his shirt, so Scotty quickly helps him and soon enough Kevin’s shirt slides off his shoulder.


It takes as bit of wrestling and fumbling and then the rest of their clothes are on the floor as well. Scotty expects Kevin to his usual routine of getting either himself or Scotty ready, but all Kevin wants to do is kiss him and kiss him again. Scotty is getting more and more turned on, but at the same time he’s disappointed that Kevin doesn’t want to move on. Please!


Scotty becomes impatient, no longer satisfied that Kevin wants to kiss him only, he starts to push his body up against Kevin to let Kevin feel he’s just as hard as Kevin is. Kevin moans, deepening his kiss even further, lying on top of Scotty, his hands impatiently moving over Scotty’s chest and sides, for as far as he can reach.


He tries to get to the top-drawer, but can’t find what he’s looking for. Scotty can hear Kevin’s disgruntled groan, somehow it sounds funny to him, though he’s just as as eager to get their love-making started as Kevin is. Kevin breaks the kiss, but covers Scotty’s lips with his fingers to prevent Scotty from saying or asking something.


Scotty has no idea why he’s not allowed to make a noise, but goes with it as Kevin finds what he’s looking for and moves away from him to sit up.

“Kevin…..?” Scotty starts, but Kevin immediately pushes his finger to Scotty’s lips and shakes his head.


There’s an amused smile appearing on Scotty’s face and Kevin replies with a smile of his own, showing Scotty that it’s all just a game. Kevin signals Scotty to turn over and Scotty complies without hesitation. He relaxes as Kevin’s fingers move inside him, preparing him for what is to come.


He closes his eyes when Kevin removes his fingers and comes up with the replacement Scotty is waiting for. Beyond that moment Scotty stops worrying, stops asking questions, he just starts to move with Kevin and they both move to that rhythm they both dance so well. His desire for satisfaction grows with every thrust.


And not only his desire, Kevin seems to move more and more frantically until, with a sudden motion, he moves away from Scotty, who moans in disappointment at the sudden loss. But then Kevin pushes his down and rolls him on his back, moving up a bit to kiss Scotty thoroughly and to whisper:


“I want to see your face. I want to see you come.” For a moment Kevin’s words seem odd to him, though he knows that Kevin loves to do it like this. But when Kevin slips inside him again, Scotty doesn’t give it a second thought. Within seconds he’s back to the feeling he had before.


His desire isn’t diminished much and he immediately surrenders to Kevin. His eyes close, his lips part, his breathing becomes shallow with an occasional hitch as Kevin’s thrust hits the right spot, his hips move up to Kevin, he wants more, so much more. Kevin watches as Scotty’s face show all these feelings and he smiles.


His fingers finally curl around Scotty’s cock, the shudder that runs through his husband’s body triggers something in Kevin, making him close his own eyes. Scotty’s hand covers his own and shows Kevin how Scotty wants it and Kevin gives in, pressing deeper and faster, he hears Scotty call out his name as he goes over the edge.


Kevin tries to hold back, tries to prolong their lovemaking, but it’s a useless fight and after a few more frantic thrusts he just gives in, coming deep inside Scotty. When Scotty opens his eyes Kevin is beside him, clearly tired, but satisfied and with a huge smile on his face.


“Wow! That was great! But what was all this silencing me about?” Scotty finally asks.

“Shh.” Kevin says, but it’s too late. The phone starts to ring. “Damn! Now they know I’m home. I swear! This place is bugged. My mom raided Justin’s Junior Spy Kit and installed them here.


I cannot think of another explanation why she or one of the others start calling me the moment I cross the threshold. Jeez, can’t they give 5 minutes!! Just so I can have sex with you….”

“5 minutes? Oh, no, you won’t get away with that! I demand at least half an hour.”


“What for? I get on the elevator, think of you and peng! I’m ready to go….” Kevin grins, reaching for the phone. “It’s Sarah… Well, at least she calls first this time.” Kevin is still ranting as Scotty is laughing out loud. “What do I do? Pick up or call back?”

Scotty takes the phone.


“Sarah? Hi, sorry, Kevin is in the shower and I’m about to join him…” He laughs at a joke she makes apparently. “Yes, a few hours to ourselves would be nice…. Sure, I’d love that… Bye…. She’ll call Nora and tell her not to call you, because you and I are having an evening to ourselves.”


“Oh, great! Now the whole family will know we had sex in the shower.”

“So? What’s wrong about that? They will envy our love-life.”

“Yeah, except… we don’t have sex in the shower.” Kevin complains and Scotty grins.

“Wanna bet?” he then asks.




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