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welcome to my fantasies
the extras on the DVD-box of brothers & sisters - season 3 - part 1 
10th-Oct-2009 12:52 am



Disk one:

Deleted scenes:
301 - “You hurt your sister” – Nora/Sarah

302 - “Prospective family” – starts with Tommy/Julia, moves on to Kitty/Carla (the social worker), Julia excuses herself, Tommy gets a drink from Robert, on to Justin/Rebecca talking and Nora/Kevin talking and on to Kevin/Nora/Kitty/Robert/Carla

303 - “You’re gonna be late” – Tommy/Julia kissing

The Ojai experience:
Cast members Ron Rifkin, Ken Olin, Patricia Wettig, Matthew Rhys and Dave Annable visit a real family-owned winery in Ojai, California. Very nice moments and interactions between for instance Ron and Dave, when Ron makes Dave eat a fig. Dave made a lot of pictures with his camera, I noticed. Wouldn’t mind seeing those. I liked the interest that all of them showed in the work of others and it may not be so ‘hilarious’ or ‘funny’ as some of the other extras, but definitely worth looking at.

pic 01
pic 02
pic 03
pic 04
pic 05
pic 06
pic 07
pic 08


Disk two:

Deleted scenes:

305 - “I want to see you” – Saul/Tommy
306 - “She could grow a conscience” – Nora/Saul about Holly
307 - “The Walkers are seductive” – Holly/George Lafferty, THE missing scene
308 - “The dog-house” – Kevin/Scotty, what happened after Scotty walked away from the table.

In between scenes:
Nice collage of bits of interviews and scenes from what happens on the set. It shows for instance Balthazar Getty playing with Maxwell Perry Cotton (Cooper). A ‘pull up’ competition between Getty, Dave Annable (who did an amazing 8 pull ups) and Scott Sherick (assistant to Dave Annable, who only made it to five pull ups) with Matthew Rhys, Balthazar Getty, David Marshall Grant (I assume?) cheering under the watchful eye of Emily VanCamp.

But also Matthew and Rob playing some game during 3.04 (Matthew wins!). Michael Foley (writer, producer) gives an peek at the articles on the yard-sale.

There are some moments of 308 with Dave Foley (Paul), who show us “the room where they asphyxiate the furniture, 'cause after furniture has been on a show, it’s no longer good for real life, you got to put it down.”

pull up competition dave and emily watching
pull up competition dave, getty, matthew, scott sherick and David Marshall Grant
matthew helps Scott back up after he lets go in competition
matthew and rob playing a game 01
matthew and rob playing a game 02
matthew and rob playing a game 03
matthew wins! and rob is happy for him
matthew and sally
matthew, not completely alone
asphyxiate the furniture
matthew and rob clowning around.


Disk three:

Deleted scenes:

310 – “Robert confronts his past” – Robert/Kitty, And I have to say, too bad they cut it. It is a emotional scene in which Robert explains that his mother died in the same hospital that Elizabeth and Kevin are now in. She had been in a coma for nearly two weeks and Robert looked after her, because his father fell apart and Jason was too young. And that it is hard for him to go in. And then Kitty says he doesn’t have to. Making it all the more interesting to see Robert in the hospital, later on, anyway.

311 – behind closed doors – Robert/Kitty. Only 14 seconds, it’s the embarrassed reaction to the girl behind the desk when she sees Robert undress Kitty through the glass… Very funny!

The mothers of Brothers and Sisters.

A 10 minute talk about Mothers that has Rob Lowe saying that Nora is so much like his mother used to be and that even his brother Chad (who directed 3.05) recognized it.
Sarah Jane Morris and Matthew Rhys agree their moms are like Nora. , Luke Macfarlane’s mom apparently thinks she is Nora (no mention by Luke if she’s right). Emily van Camp conisders her mom a mixture of Holly and Nora. Dave Annable laughs that it’s fun to use Nora against his own mother.

Balthazar Getty thinks that with Nora, you want her to be your mom and you want her to be your best friend. Sally Field says she hears a lot that she reminds people of their own mother.

Patricia Wetting explains that Nora and Holly both have this co-dependency with their children. Holly cannot let go of Rebecca, anymore than Nora can let go of her kids.

Loved what Rachel Griffith says about Sarah: “She’s always coping and doing her best, but she’s forgetting this or forgetting that…. I’m very much about her being real and accessible and not being some model of the amazing super-mum.” And THAT is why I love Sarah.


because there wasn't enough of luke macfarlane on the extras :)

Disk four

Deleted scenes:
3.13 “Hottest woman on the planet” – Sarah/Ethan
3.15 “We have issues” Kitty/reporter – Kitty’s interview that got ‘killed’.
3.17 “Thank you” – Kitty/Trish/Nora – brief scene in which Kitty holds Evan (first time?)

Audio-commentary Part 1:
Matthew Rhys, Rob Lowe and Monica Owusu-Breen.
Will be in part 2


Disk five

Deleted scenes:
3.19 “This is all weird to me” - Kitty/Ryan
3.20 “Calm down mom” – Sarah/Nora/Holly
3.21 “Robert’s recovery” Justin/Robert – I’m going with 3.21 because this cute little scene feels like the reason why Robert got the affidavit from his cardiologist that he could have sex.

Audio-commentary Part 2:
Matthew Rhys, Rob Lowe and Monica Owusu-Breen
Will be in part 2


Disk six

Deleted scenes:

3.22 “News about Tommy” - Nora calling Sarah, Justin, Kevin/Scotty and Kitty/Robert that he’s not coming home. Poignant is the difference between Kevin/Scotty (Kevin asleep in Scotty’s arms, holding Scotty’s hand) and Kitty/Robert (backs turned to each other, Kitty lying awake, but as the phone rings and Kitty picks up to talk to Nora, you can see Robert awake as well.)
kevin in scotty's arms

3.23 “Good night.” - Robert/Kitty, obviously now sleeping in separate rooms. Painful to watch.

3.24 “I just want to be with you” - Justin/Rebecca
justecca kissing

3.24 “Knowing what to do” - Robert/Nora

Ken Olin, Alison Schapker and Monica Owusu-Breen
will be in part 2

Bloopers & outtakes


And some screencaps of the bloopers.

calista actually gets HIT by one of the patatoes, by the look on Matthew's face it wasn't supposed to happen ...

... and like a true brother he then protects her head
rob lowe does a tongue exercise

ahhh, crazy actor...

emily wondering if she got it right

calista speechless

blah.. blah.. blah... Guess Luke didn't like his lines much


Luke Grimes shows a smile after being passed by, by half the cast

matthew, dave, emily and rachel trying NOT to laugh.

One of my favorites: rachel: “My God there’s a camera in your office.”

Matthew and Luke rehearsing ... uh... something.

Hopefully I can put up part 2 tomorrow
10th-Oct-2009 12:23 am (UTC)
This is great! (By the way, I found the Ojai Experience feature really interesting. One of my favorite "odd" little extras.)

But also Matthew and Rob playing some game during 3.04 (Matthew wins!).
"Some" game?! That's Rock'em Sock'em Robots!!
I find it funny in a coincidental way that "Kevin" is playing for the "red" side and "Robert" for the "blue." Should be the other way around!
10th-Oct-2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
So THAT is Rock'em Sock'em Robots?! I never seen/heard about it before, but I was more into Barbie, I guess. :D

Yes, the Ojai Experience was nice and peaceful compared to the other extras, but by no means boring. I also enjoyed Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig in this, although Matthew.... :)

10th-Oct-2009 01:08 am (UTC)
I LOVED this set of extras—I was pleased with my purchase.

I know I'm biased, but I really did like that scene between Robert and Kitty from 3.10. Explains a lot, eh?

And then of course, I laughed a lot at the little game between Rob and Matthew...that was great.
10th-Oct-2009 02:16 pm (UTC)
I agree about Robert/Kitty in 3.10. So telling and it gives another side of Robert we don't get to see too often.

And if you see them sitting so close together, it makes that deleted in 3.23 even harder, when they both go to separate bedrooms... :(

Rob/Matthew are great together and I used to enjoy Kevin/Robert moments when they would bicker. They were so sexy, but then the writers ruined my fun. :(
10th-Oct-2009 08:44 am (UTC)
Merci infiniment! :)

I don't have the DVDs, so I'm very grateful for that. Again, thank you very much!

In France, we only had the season 2 DVD-Box last month so for season 3... that's not going to happen in a hurry! ;) And as I want the episodes in French too, I'll have to wait :D
10th-Oct-2009 02:28 pm (UTC)
De rien. :)

I was about to say that it's also in French, but you're right they only have French subtitles.

I've given up waiting for the version with Dutch subtitles, I never use them anyway...
10th-Oct-2009 11:51 am (UTC)
Nice extras, will hopefully get the DVD next week.
10th-Oct-2009 02:29 pm (UTC)
Will you also write a review? Curious to read what you think of it.
10th-Oct-2009 04:28 pm (UTC)
I'll comment on the content on the boxset and perhaps relink my Season 3 blog. I have to get True Blood as well the week after B&S.
10th-Oct-2009 05:17 pm (UTC)
Oh, thanks that was quite interesting. No wonder most kids want to enter show business when you see the fun they're having all day!

Robert explains that his mother died in the same hospital that Elizabeth and Kevin are now in. She had been in a coma for nearly two weeks and Robert looked after her, because his father fell apart and Jason was too young. And that it is hard for him to go in. And then Kitty says he doesn’t have to. Making it all the more interesting to see Robert in the hospital, later on, anyway.

Okay, I guess they forgot their own canon again, or it's possible it's my imagination, but I thought Robert and Jason's dad died when Robert was fighting in the war, when Jason was 13 or 14 and that their mom died much later when Robert was back (and married with children). Since he said in an episode in late season 1 (if memory serves) she died six years ago, then Jason was young (in his mid-twenties) but seeing he's a minister who strikes me as a rather empathic man, I need a better reason than that. I'd tend to imagine him close to his mom if he stayed alone with her when her other son was risking his life on the field.

So apparently, I'm still very much *into* Jason. Anyway, I'm looking forward to part 2. Thanks!
11th-Oct-2009 10:20 pm (UTC)
Maybe that's the reason it got cut! It wasn't right. Yeah, I looked at it and had the feeling something didn't 'click', but you're right. I believe (top of my head, so not THAT reliable) that it was in the episode where McKitty had their blind date that he said that. Yes. I would seem to me that his father died before his mother did.
25th-Aug-2011 12:28 am (UTC)
308 - “The dog-house” – Kevin/Scotty, what happened after Scotty walked away from the table.

what happened???
29th-Aug-2011 03:48 pm (UTC)
c'mon i want to knoooooooooooow :(
29th-Aug-2011 07:52 pm (UTC)
Had to dig up my season 3 discs for this one:

Paul (about Kevin): "Too bad he didn't buy a dog house, because that's where he'll end up tonight."
Saul: "Not now, Paul."

Cuts to scene of Scotty walking onto Sarah's porch, very angry, Kevin follows him.

Kevin: (Trying to smooth things over) "Look, I know it was impulsive...."
Scotty: (angry) "Impulsive?! You bought a house without talking to me. Even 'Crazy Paul' thought you were out of line."
Kevin: (Pleading)"Scotty, I just thought.... you wanted a bigger place.."
Scotty: (Still mad) "You make decision THIS big unilaterally without so much as a discussion?" (Kevin fiddles cutely with his wedding-ring/fingers knowing he's in deep shit.) Scotty continues: "Do you have any idea how....?" Scotty doesn't finish his sentence. He's very frustrated, but takes a deep breath, before calmly saying. "Tell Sarah 'thank you' but I'm going to leave before I say anything I regret." And he walks away, leaving Kevin standing there.

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