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RPS - Watching paint dry

Watching paint dry.

By Marea67
About: RPS - Matthew Rhys, Dave Annable, Luke Macfarlane, Rachel Griffiths 
Rate: Totally General, you can read to your child as a bedtime story
Disclaimer: I don’t know these actors. They belong to themselves. This is just a figment of my over-active imagination, by no means meant to imply anything, or to offend them. I respect Mr Rhys, Mr Macfarlane, Mr Annable and Mrs Griffiths as actors. If they would ever stumble accross this story, I can only hope they will as much fun reading it, as I had writing it.
Summary: Seen the title? nothing happens! 
Extra:  I blame wibbleywobbley though for putting the idea in my head!!! 


Matthew isn’t sure if going outside had been such a good idea. It’s warm inside, but it's nothing compared to outside… However, he needs a breath of fresh air… although that will be unlikely with this heat. Finally he finds a place to sit in the shade. Unfortunately his view is now a huge barn-door that just got painted.

Well, at least it’s cool here, the little breeze is stronger here due to the narrow path. He runs his fingers through his hair, grabs his script and re-reads his lines. He puts it aside and staring at the wall, he recites the lines again.
“Staring at it won’t help, you know.”

“What?” Matthew gets taken out of his character. Dave grins down on him, but then sinks to the ground to sit next to him.
“Staring at it won’t make the paint dry faster.” Dave explains. Matthew smiles.
“Ah, that is because you Americans don’t have what we Welsh have.”

“The whah?” Dave asks and yawns at the same time.
“Wake up, sleepyhead. My baby is better at staying awake then you are.” Rachel now joins them.
“Yeah, we heard that.” Dave mopes, making Matthew laugh.

“What were you two talking about?” She asks.
“Apparently there’s something the Welsh have and we don’t… the Americans…” Dave explains, reminding himself that Rachel is Australian. “Really?” She raises an eyebrow.

“The Welsh stare.” Matthew explains.
“Do I even want to know?” Dave asks.
“Trust me, that stare will dry up that paint in no time… But you have to know HOW to do it. It cannot be thought, it is simply an ability you either have or you don’t, but most of the Welsh just have it.”

“Ooooooh, that!” Rachel’s voice has a sucking undertone as if some long-last memory pops in her head, a little smile curling around her lips. “Oh, yes, Dave, he’s very good at it… Remember that barn in ‘Very Annie-Mary’ … ?”
“Vividly…” Matthew plays along, having no clue whatsoever as to what Rachel is talking about.

“It was damaged, so they quickly repainted it, but it took forever to dry and then he and his friend, Ioan, just started to stare at it and stare at it and …. I swear… you just saw it dry up….” Dave stares at Rachel in disbelief before replying
“Whatever you’ve been smoking, you shouldn’t do that around your kid.”

“Hey! There you guys are.” Luke now joins them, sitting down next to Matthew. “What’s going on?”
“That wall just got painted….” Dave starts.
“Oh, they’ve asked Matthew to make it dry… It’s an amazing gift.” Luke replies with a straight face.

Now, even Rachel raises an eyebrow, but neither she nor Dave can see a hint of a smile on Luke’s face.
“How did you know that?” Dave asks.
“He dropped by to see my new place, right after I painted the walls. Tell you, it dried up as if it got hit by the sun… I …sort of thought… it was common knowledge?” Luke looks hesitantly from Matthew to Dave to Rachel, who bows her head to not show her laughter.

Matthew shakes his head.
“I usually don’t talk about it.” He shrugs modestly.
“Oh, sorry.” Luke replies, his unmistakably Canadian accent seeping through.
“You guys are completely out of your mind… I’m getting coffee.” Is Dave conclusion.

Watching him walk away, Luke, Matthew and Rachel start laughing.
“Thank you, Annie-Maarrrrry.” Matthew purrs, making Rachel push him away a bit, still laughing.
“Thank your ‘hubby’ instead.” She points out. “How did you know what we were talking about?”

“Overheard you three talking.” Luke explains with a grin.
“I saw him standing there, but from his point of view, Dave couldn’t see him anymore than you could.” Matthew now laughs as well.
“Dave will get back at you.” Rachel warns.

“Can’t wait.” Matthew grins and then they watch her leave as well. “Thanks for backing me up.” He now says to Luke, who only laughs.
“That is what ‘husbands’ are for. ”
“And that is why you’re the cutest husband on the set…. Rehearse?” Matthew then asks, holding up the script.


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