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welcome to my fantasies
A way to say 'thank you' 
28th-Sep-2009 08:15 pm
kevin red/orange
A way to say 'thank you'.

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, Saul/Nora
Rate: R
Summary: A word of 'thank you' is needed...
Extra; Might contain spoilers for 401 - The road ahead.


Nora to Ida: “You heard me mother, I said shut up!”
Scotty to Ida: “You know, it’s a pretty night. I was thinking about taking a walk around the pool, do you want to come with me?
Ida: “Well.. Yes, that would be lovely…. Nora, I don’t appreciate being talked to like this.” Scotty smiles uncomfortable, but offers Ida his arm, to escort her out to the garden.


“Oh, Scotty, honey, I’m sorry that you ended up getting stuck with my mother.” Nora apologizes for the 15th time, at least.
“Don’t worry, Nora. I’ll survive.” Scotty smiles, for the 15th time, at least.
“Yes, Scotty, it is really appreciated.” Saul now says too.

“Don’t worry, it was lovely…. She complained about it being too chilly, but that was not as bad as the smell of the flowers, which gave her a headache or the lighting in the garden that wasn’t bright enough to see where she’s going,… she could break her ankle… not that anyone would care…”

“Sounds like mother alright.” Saul nods.
“Bet that pool never seemed so big before.” Nora sighs and Scotty catches Kevin’s grin and gives him a quick wink.
“Well, anyway, we have to leave too. See what we can salvage from this day.”

“Yes, of course, Kevin. I’m so sorry, it got all so screwed up.” Nora sighs.
“Me too.” Kevin kisses Nora goodbye and then Scotty follows his example. Saul and Nora walk up to the door with them. And after a last round of being told to ‘be careful’ and ‘get home safely’, the door closes behind them.

Near Kevin’s car, Kevin places his hand on Scotty’s back and makes him stop, to take Scotty into his arms and kiss him.
“Thank you…. For putting up with me and my family.” He then grins. Scotty replies by kissing Kevin again and holding him close.

“I knew you’d make it worth my while.” Scotty hums and his hands slip to Kevin’s back. They reluctantly break their kiss to get into the car. Kevin is about to turn the key in the ignition when he looks at Scotty again.
“I’m so lucky to have your.” He says, so in awe of his own discovery, that Scotty starts to laugh.

“Show me.” Scotty demands in a low voice and then he’s in Kevin’s arms, with Kevin’s lips on his. Kevin’s hand slowly sliding up from his knee to his inner thigh. Scotty spreads his legs a bit to give Kevin some more space and Kevin grins under the little movement, taking his chance to make Scotty moan softly.


Inside the house Nora opens the curtains a bit further and stares at Kevin’s car.
“Do you think they have engine-trouble?” She asks Saul.
“They they would come in if they do.” Saul replies patiently.
“Maybe I ought to go out there….”

“And do what?”
“I have a torch-light.”
“I don’t think they’ll be needing that, … regardless of what their kink is.” Saul mumbles those last few words.

“Seriously, if they have problem….”
“… then they are big boys who can take care it… I’m sure that whichever one is ‘in trouble’, the other one can lend a ‘helping hand’… ” Saul emphasizes, giving Nora a meaningful glance.

For a moment Nora doesn’t get it and then slowly awareness sinks in.
“You think…? Kevin…? He’s never done that before…! ”
“Not on your doorstep maybe…” Saul corrects, but Nora grins like a fool.
“Then they won’t need this either…” and she puts away the torchlight.

The end.
28th-Sep-2009 07:19 pm (UTC)

Oh, boys. And of course Saul has their backs.
29th-Sep-2009 02:36 am (UTC)

Woke up to a nice suprise. I didn't know couples did that even when they're fighting. I was wondering what their equation would be like in this tense period.

ummm... you mentioned that there is a scene with the two in bed sleeping, is it anywhere on the net? the scene is deleted or something from season 3
29th-Sep-2009 11:30 am (UTC)
It's a great way to take the edge out of an argument :D

:D I think that, as a former-lawyer Kevin is quite capable of setting apart Scotty's reluctance on one side and Scotty's stepping in to prevent a fight between Nora and Ida, on the other.

Maybe Kevin even hoped that if Scotty were more ... relaxed... he'd be more open to Kevin's surrogacy idea... ;D
29th-Sep-2009 11:34 am (UTC)
ummm... you mentioned that there is a scene with the two in bed sleeping, is it anywhere on the net? the scene is deleted or something from season 3

It is from a deleted scene of episode 3.22 and Kevin and Scotty are in there for about 11 seconds.

It can be found at http://lukemacfarlane.org/ - under 'media' chose 'media centre' - TV clips - Brothers & Sisters - Season 3 - DVD bonus - the second deleted scene. It starts with Nora and then shows the entire family being called. Including an 10 seconds scene with Kevin/Scotty.
29th-Sep-2009 11:30 am (UTC)
I'm sure Henry gave Saul a new awareness on certain things. :D
29th-Sep-2009 11:31 am (UTC)
Oooh, now there's a thought...
29th-Sep-2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
LOL! I love Hero-Scotty. Ida sure is a piece of work, isn't she? ;)

I can't imagine doing something like Kevin and Scotty (u know what I mean! LOL!) IN FRONT of my mama's house. It would be mortifying...to say the least. LOL! I'm such a prude, eh? A guy has got to have his limits though... =)
29th-Sep-2009 05:41 pm (UTC)
Me neither,.. though my parents would probably come to same conclusion as Saul did. :D

But I think also that when Kevin is with Scotty he would dare to do just anything. :D
29th-Sep-2009 04:19 pm (UTC)
Ouh Yeah!
I like this romantic moment :)
It is very Walker-Wandell and yours. LOL
29th-Sep-2009 05:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Love that you loved it. :D
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