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Turn a different corner 98/102

Turn a different corner 98/102

By: Marea67

About: Kevin, Scotty, Jordan, Justin, Nora, Wally
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26, part 27, part 28, part 29, part 30, part 31, part 32, part 33, part 34, part 35, part 36, part 37, part 38, part 39, part 40, part 41, part 42, part 43, part 44, part 45, part 46, part 47, part 48, part 49, part 50, part 51, part 52, part 53, part 54, part 55, part 56, part 57, part 58, part 59, part 60, part 61, part 62, part 63, part 64, part 65, part 66, part 67, part 68. part 69, part 70, part 71, part 72, part 73, part 74, part 75, part 76, part 77, part 78, part 79, part 80, part 81, part 82, part 83, part 84, part 85, part 86, part 87, part 88, part 89, part 90, part 91, part 92, part 93, part 94, part 95, part 96 and part 97


Scotty looks at Kevin over Jordan’s head. Jordan is so upset that he couldn’t think of anywhere else to go and now he’s on their couch, rolled up in ball and exhausted from letting out the pent-up emotions.
“I’ll get you some extra tea, babe.” Scotty says softly, caressing Jordan’s hair.

Kevin follows Scotty into the kitchen and quietly asks:
“Now what? .. I believe my brother, when he says he’s in love with Jordan, because he was in my office telling me exactly the same thing, he told Jordan, but what can I do or say without sounding biased? I feel guilty for telling Justin to be honest to Jordan and Tyler.”

“Well, I think you gave him the right advice. He had to be honest to at least Tyler. And, for what it’s worth, I believe Justin too. I think, he really tried to figure out his feelings, but that he ended up no longer being able to deny his feelings for Jordan. But Jordan has been hurt in the past…. I can understand his reluctance as well.”
“So can I, it must be scary.”

They look at each other, knowing that they need to make a united front on this matter, that will be important to Kevin’s brother and Scotty’s best friend.
“I think we should support Jordan, whatever choice he makes. Even if he choosesnot to get involved with your brother?” Scotty carefully suggests.

“Naturally. Can’t force him if he doesn’t support it.” Kevin nods. “But perhaps we can also remind ourselves that this is difficult for Justin too?”
“Yes, but for now, let’s get Jordan to a point, that he knows how he wants to move on. This situation is unhealthy for both of them.”

They are both happy to see Jordan slightly less upset, when they return.
“War-conference?” Jordan asks with a little smile,
“Something like that.” Scotty agrees and he gives a quick smile at his husband.
“So, what has the ‘war-council’ decided?” Jordan now asks.

“That we love you and that we will support you in whatever choice you make...” Kevin starts. “It is hard for me, because Justin is my brother and I already knew how he felt about you, because he told me about it. And I believe that he made a choice, he feels he can stand by in the years to come.

A very conscious decision and not some flaky, spur-of-the-moment one. He is scared, but willing to see where this will take him… And, Jordan, you yourself said that you’d be all over him. if he were gay…. Now, he’s in love with you and you turn away… and this is not a reproach… but… are you sure, that you don’t want Justin?”

“Of course I want Justin. I’m in love with him.” The words flow from Jordan’s lips before he can even think about them. “If he were gay….”
“So, he’s bi and you don’t want him because of what label is given to him?” Scotty wonders.

“No… Yes.. I don’t know, it’s complicated.” Jordan wrestles with his words. “He used to be straight…. He could be straight again. He could change his mind.. again. And then what? I’ll be looking like a fool… Because we all know a gay guy falling in love with a straight one leads inevitably to a heartbreak.”

“Yes, but I haven’t had many straight guys admit to me, that they were so in love with me, to a point that they’d rather be alone and miserable without me, than continue dating a beautiful woman… Because Tyler is beautiful… Maybe you shouldn’t look at ‘the gays’ and ‘the straights’, but only at Justin and Jordan? Ask yourself if Jordan is happy without Justin?”

“No, he is not.” Jordan replies quietly. Kevin brushes Jordan’s hair away.
“And Justin is unhappy without Jordan… Just keep it that small. Just the two of you.”
“I’m scared.” Jordan whispers and Scotty smiles and whispers in return:
“So, am I. Every day….” And a bit louder he continues:

“But I have to take a chance. I love Kevin and I want to be with him and nothing else matters and we both work very hard at our relationship.”
“We love each other very much, but that doesn’t mean we still will ten years from now... There are never guarantees.”
“You two will stay together forever.” Jordan says with so much conviction that both Kevin and Scotty start to laugh.

“Let’s hope so.” Scotty laughs. “And you know, the same could apply to you and Justin… But if you turn your back on him now, it will never work. That is one thing your can be sure off.”
Jordan plays with his tissue, weighing what Justin, Kevin and Scotty have said to him today and sighs.


“So,…” Kevin starts once he and Scotty are alone and he is done texting. “We started this morning with Chad and Jordan ... and Tyler and Justin, believing Jason was in Malaysia, and now we have Chad and Jason for sure, Justin and Jordan maybe and Tyler, very angry… We need score-cards!”

“Guess that inviting Chad and Jordan for dinner next Tuesday will not happen either.” Scotty sighs and Kevin cannot help but grin.
“Somehow this feels good to me. I love them both, but… I had my doubts about the combination Chad/Jordan.”

“Me too.” And Scotty shakes his head at the disbelief he feels about how everything is evolving around them. “Somehow Justin/Jordan sounds better…. Feels better.”
“Who would have believed it? My kid-brother bi-sexual… Huh!”
“Are you really surprised? You never doubted….?”

“I don’t know…. Justin and I were always close, we’d go out together and he’d be watching men, but with the idea that a guy should interest me, rather than him, but, yeah, he had a good taste in the men he picked out for me… And now he’s in love with Jordan… I wish them lots of luck.”


Justin looks around, believing he’s got all he needs when a text-message comes in. “S&I talked to J. Made progress. Don’t push now. Wait! Love. Kevin.” Justin sighs. So Jordan went to Kevin and Scotty? That makes sense. Not that it matters. He already called his mom, asking if he could stay at her house. He can’t stay here.

He puts his suitcase outside the door and has another look around, unaware that the door of their apartment is opening and closing. It isn’t until he turns around to go back to his suit-case, that he sees Jordan in the doorway.

“Going somewhere?” Jordan asks, entering the room. Justin takes a step back.
“B… back to mom… For now… We.. .we needs some space….” Justin stammers.
“Do we…?” Jordan wonders, coming closer to Justin, who back away even further, until his thigh hits his desk.

“Yes, we do.. this isn’t very healthy for either of us…” Justin’s voice is nothing more than a whisper, as Jordan gets even closer to him, violates the private space that should be between them and softly kisses Justin’s lips. There’s a muffled moan when Justin hungrily pulls Jordan even closer.

The need is immediately there. Jordan’s hands caress his sides and move to his lower back to pull him into an even tighter embrace. Jordan’s lips leave Justin’s and he plants little popping kisses all over Justin’s throat and shoulder, nibbles at his ear to return to his lips for an even deeper kiss, that leaves Justin breathless.

When they break their kiss, Justin looks at Jordan.
“I don’t have all the answers, Jordan. There’s still so much I need to figure out and….”
“We’ll figure them out together….” Jordan replies with a smile.
“We will?” Justin asks, but Jordan kisses him again and the answer doesn’t really matter anymore to Justin.


“Home again.” Nora says with a smile and she turns to Wally to kiss him again, but here, in William’s house it feels different to kiss her. She immediately notices the way he holds back and guesses the reason.
“William and Bertha?”

“Yes.” Wally replies shyly. “I know it’s silly,….”
“It is not silly. In this house we are aware of them again, but are we going to let them stop us?.... Or… are you going to put your toothbrush next to mine?”

At that moment, Nora notices that the light on her answering-machine is on. And Wally is glad that he doesn’t have to answer her question just yet.
“Mom, is it alright if I move back in with you…? I had a fight with both Tyler and Jordan… I can’t stay here…” Justin’s voice nearly ends with a sob.

“Oh, my.” Nora reacts. The machine beeps and gives the next message.
“Mom…. Never mind…” kissing sound. “.. Problem solved…” Another kissing sound and with a wicked little smile Nora grins:

“Sounds like Justin and Tyler just kissed and made up.”
“… I’m staying here… Bye.” Justin giggles, but then, just before the phone gets switched off, they can hear Justin clearly moan. “Jordan….” And the sound of another kiss.. And then the beeping sound of the answering machine.


Tags: character - jordan, character - justin, character - kevin, character - nora, character - scotty, character - wally, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - turn a different corner

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