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welcome to my fantasies
B&S season 3 
28th-Aug-2009 07:18 pm


I read darkestboy’s recap of Season 3 of B&S and I wanted to reply to it several times, but at each try I got so mad with how season 3 turned out.

Warning: It's a long rant/rave, but I'm glad I got if off my chest. :)

I really love this series. I like all the characters, some more than others. It’s hard to care about Holly, but I can still find it in me sometimes. The actors are so talented. Matthew Rhys (of course!), but also Rachel Griffits, Calista Flockhart and need I even mention Sally Field and Ron Rifkin.

And let me not forget Luke Macfarlane, I'm giving him special mention, because he's a very good actor, who has FAR more to offer than be nice, sit on the couch and occassionally get up to fight with Kevin, go to work so there's a reason for him not to be at the family dinner or be offered a three-some. His acting-range is wider than what he could show so far on B&S. 

But I simply hate most of the story-lines so strongly that it clouds everything else.

My favourite episodes for season 3 would be 3.05, 3.08, 3.10, 3.11 and 3.21, in random order, I cannot make up my mind. Not so strange that they are all based very strongly on Kevin (and Scotty) who remains my favourite character (with Scotty). But the lack in the development of their story is amazing.

No doubt Matthew and Luke give a wonderful performance every time they are on the screen. The chemistry is there. It just works! But the stories are rushed and incomplete and left me unsatisfied.

Did Kevin ever say something to his homophobic boss? Or did he just quietly leave?
Have Wally or Bertha contacted them since their last visit?
Why weren’t we given a reminder, when we are at Nora’s centre, that Kevin and Scotty nearly bought that dump?
To name but a few.

Kevin working for Robert made no sense
We agree there. It makes no sense, but I could have overlooked the contrived reason WHY he started to work for Robert, as a glorified receptionist AND for a quarter of his former salary. I can see how it COULD have worked, if they had, as Matthew Rhys said, given it a wonderful basis for conflict. Except there never WAS any conflict.

The (sexy) fun in Kevin/Robert (to me!) was their verbal fights. Both are venomously good at being political opponents. Now Kevin is suddenly Robert BFF. Boring! And unbelievable. And I miss the old Kevin. FREE KEVIN!!! And STOP giving Kevin a personality-transplant every time he's in a scene with Robert.

In all I’m disappointed with season 3 because of the way the characters grew. Some had some major character-transplants, that wasn't about natural growth in a character, but zapped in by aliens. And other characters were down-right annoying.

Ryan failed to generate interest with viewers
NO KIDDING!!!! I know, I'm whining about it, but I cannot get past the fact that no one even bothered to suggest a DNA test for the kid. Considering the enormous pain Rebecca went through, you'd think the Walkers would be more careful before appointing a new William Walker-off spring, but noooooooo, not the Walkers. If you’ve made a mistake before, what are the odds of your making it again? This attitude makes the storyline a farce.

First off, Sarah finds a picture of a child that is not one of her siblings and that turns out to be Ryan, the child of some sales representative that William used to know. Kevin remembers William saying the picture inadvertently (?) ended up in a business file of William’s “because Doug must have left it in there” (What is Doug doing with a baby-picture of Ryan?) and that he will send it back (to Doug? WHY!?)

So this is a picture of William’s illegitimate son. So, do we find it amongst his papers? In a secret drawer? In his safe? In his wallet, close to his heart? No, it is found chucked away in an old box somewhere in a dusty attic with the rest of the things you never look at again. Wow! William must have adored the kid.

So the jump from ‘baby-pic in forgotten box’ to ‘long-lost (half)brother’ is easily made. I pray to God that no one ever finds a lost picture of me somewhere or my mom’s going to have some ‘splaining to do.

So Nora, with this startling evidence, goes to see George. Can you imagine the explanation that Nora gave George?

“We have no solid evidence, but we think your wife may have had an affair with my husband, he had a picture of your son who’s name start with an R and there was exactly the letter that we needed to complete a code on William’s computer. We therefore think you’re not the father of your son, but William is.” Jeez, I wonder why George didn’t believe her at first? With a reason this brilliant!

But then George, after some thinking it over, believes it could be true. Now imagine the conversation George had with Ryan, who is so far blissfully unaware of anything.
“This woman came here with her daughter and they found in their attic a picture of you and sorry, kid, but you’re not mine you’re someone else’s.” No wonder Ryan is screwed up.

So, this child who's claim to fame is that his picture is found in some old box and his name starts with R, meets the Walkers and gets obsessed with Rebecca, consumed with hate for William because, according to him, William killed his mother. They were both in Reno the day before she got her car-accident/committed suicide. And what other reason would William have to be in Reno then to kill Connie, because what else would you do in Reno? It has no bars, no casino's, no conference places, it's not some big city where two people could be at the same time and not meet each other. right?

Oh, and do you know the joke about that William that went to Reno? He didn't. Ultimately, he sent Saul.

And I'd like to get ONE reason why I should care about the whole Ryan/Connie/William story-line? William is cheater who fooled Nora, Holly and Connie and god knows who else? Connie is complete stranger. She is unknown, she doesn't even have a face. Yet, she was a married woman, who cheated on her husband, with a married man, who was married to Nora. Now there's a woman I can sympathize with. But Connie? Who cares?

Rebecca/ Justin
I was very disappointed in the whole Rebecca/Justin and Rebecca story line. I like Emily VanCamp, I used to like Rebecca, but I'm so sick and tired of Rebecca's whining and her endless accepting Justin's apologies, without taking some responsibility herself for their arguments.

Nora takes her ‘smothering’ to a new level. Really, the way she acted to Kitty in 3.14 or to Tommy in 3.24, it was totally irritating.

He was doing great. Cute boyfriend. Sorry, but I fell instantly in love with Henry, who promptly went MIA, because if something works why use it? (see: Kevin/Scotty) Saul however ruins everything by meekly asking his job at Ojai back.

And now he OWES Holly? WTF?!?!?! If it weren’t for Saul keeping his mouth shut all those years she was spreading her legs for William, she wouldn’t BE where she is now. She owes him! Big time! What a load of nonsense!

Sarah was doing great. Standing on her own two feet. Helping build Greenatopia into a success. She was her own person. And ... so she goes back to her dad’s company to work with her dead father’s mistress, whom she hates and she left Ojai for in the first place... Rrright! Talk about an anti-climax.

Then there’s Tommy. Oh, my Tommy. Note to Tommy: Just because you keep insisting that you did it for ‘the family’ (Walker-maffia? Cosa Walkeria? ) it doesn’t alter the fact that you dropped your family at any time convenient for you.

Remind me:
how you didn't hurt your mother by starting a company with your dead daddy’s mistress?
how you stopped your brother from getting fired?
how you made your uncle feel welcome in the company after the merger?
how you stopped Holly from bullying your sister to a point where she felt the need to leave?
how well you took care of your wife and child while you fled to Mexico?

Oh, wait! You didn’t. What family were you embezzling for again?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Tommy. I want him back. But the story-line just sucks.

And not just because of Tommy’s silly reasoning, but also: Rebecca happens to pick up a slight slip of the tongue, which happens to lead her to think foul play and then she happens to find the prove in the first the best file she looks into, when she happens to hack into Tommy’s computer, which happens to not be locked.

But fortunately there’s Holly too, who happens to find the paperwork in Rebecca’s desk and then happens to make the connection to foul play as well, and she happens to get very angry, but then happens to change her mind because David tells her a truth, she should have realized for herself, but then she changes her mind again when she happens to find proof of Tommy’s wrong-doing... but then Sarah wants back in Ojai and Holly just happens to agree. Sigh. A deep sigh.

Was nothing good about season 3?

Sure, the systematic way Kitty/Robert fell apart was fascinating to watch. I can understand Robert, I can understand Kitty. I don’t AGREE with them half the time, but I understand. And I’m SO glad that they didn’t suddenly patch things up at the end of “Mexico”, because that would have been a cheap way out.

Kevin/Scotty never fail to deliver, their relationship is growing, there's still tenderness, but we get to see so little of it and it's all so chopped off.

Favorite Scenes
Scotty/Sarah in 3.23 was sweet.
Scotty/Justin in 3.10 (when Kevin hears he's the daddy) was sweet and the one 3.11 (with the trumpet) was hilarious
Kevin/Scotty/Sarah - as much as I hate her interrupting the boys, Rachel/Matthew/Luke just rocks.
Tommy/Kitty outside the hospital in 3.10 was amazing. I think it's the only Tommy/Kitty EVER in 3 seasons.
Robert - I HAVE to compliment Rob Lowe on this. The heart-attack scene and the moments where Robert realizes that Kittty is moving away from him as Sarah said and the moment at the park when he sees Alec are superb. Furthermore, Robert is the only character that consistenly remained himself. He was proud, arrogant, driven and ambitious in season 1 and still is in season 3.
The ultimate family-argument where Nora hit Tommy was absolutely brilliant, especially if the rumor is true that Getty told Sally to really hit him, (hence the shocked reaction from Dave in the background)

I personally enjoyed to see Chad again. Rather than constantly bring new characters, why not bring some of the old ones back? I'd love to find out what happened to Warren or Jonathan or how about Amber? She wanted to follow into Kitty's footsteps. I could imagine an interview Robert/Amber with Amber using all the tricks she learned from Warren/Kitty and Kitty chewing her nails on the couch at home, because Robert falls for the tricks.

What do I want for Season 4?

Nora to finally get a life of her own that is not limited to her children, maybe a return to this centre of hers.

Saul if he has to work for Ojai, let him find a good reason to destroy Holly. Bring back Henry!!!!!

Sarah. Run!!!! Run from Ojai as far as you can and have some FUN in your life. You deserve it girl. Hang out with Scotty a bit more!

Kitty/Robert: I’m sorry, those two belong together, so bring them back together, but slowly. Break Robert, bring him completely down and then build him up again. (Sorry, I want to hurt Robert, because I'd love to see Rob Lowe play a broken Robert.)

Tommy: Bring him back! Not as a regular, but he IS a Walker. He IS a part of this family.

Kevin/Scotty: First, foremost and number one priority. FREE KEVIN FROM ROBERT!!!! It cannot be said enough. The chemistry between Matthew Rhys and Rob Lowe is used in the wrong way. Kevin/Robert are political opponents, not BFF. They are at their best when they argue!

Kevin/Scotty! Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane as just fantabulous together. USE THAT!! And give me more quality moments. Not those half-a-minute-nothings in between those ‘very important, but most fans don’t give sh**-scenes’ of Ryan, Rebecca or Holly(/David)

Justin: Put him school, no dope, no booze, but with someone who makes him stronger. And I have a new mantra for him too:
I will not apologize to Rebecca
I will not apologize to Rebecca
I will not apologize to Rebecca
I will not apologize to Rebecca

Ryan: Give me some proof that he is Walker or get rid of him. Contrary to Tommy, he is NOT a Walker. He is NOT a part of this family. Not for me. I like Luke Grimes, I think he has it in him to be a good actor but his story-line is just awful.

Rebecca: I couldn't care less what they do with her. I only want her to stop whining. 

Holly: Let her marry David and move to New York, so she can return as often as Ida or Henry. I wish Holly happiness, the woman deserves it, I just don't want to have to watch it.
28th-Aug-2009 08:37 pm (UTC)
Word. Wordy word wordy word.

Sadly what we've heard of S4 so far doesn't sound like anything wonderful is being done to improve matters. Then again, I'm such a Saul/Henry fan that I really doubt S4 is going to please me anyway :(
28th-Aug-2009 11:36 pm (UTC)
***Sadly what we've heard of S4 so far doesn't sound like anything wonderful is being done to improve matters***

Sadly that is what I read more often. :(
I try to keep an open mind, with the new writers etc. And every series has a bad season, so lets hope that season 3 was IT for B&S,... but I have little hope to be honest.
28th-Aug-2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
There are a few minor things here I have a different opinion on (for example, I don't really think Kitty and Robert belong together - but I know RL probably won't be leaving the show anytime soon, so I'll root for them if it FREES KEVIN!!! I can't even support a more antagonistic relationship between Kevin and Robert at this point, because I don't ever want to see them on my screen at the same time EVER AGAIN. Also, DNA proof or not, I want them to get rid of Ryan.)

Overall, however, WORD, WORD, WORD!!!!

In particular, these made me laugh (in that depressed and bitter kind of way):
"because if something works why use it? (see: Kevin/Scotty)"
"I couldn't care less what they do with her. I only want her to stop whining."

I don't want to get my hopes up too much for next season. I'm wary about the spoilers I've seen so far, and frankly, I don't think they're going to FREE KEVIN (this just has to be in all caps), which is my top, if not only, priority. I mean, I'll even sit through a major Ryan arc if it means no more "Kevin <3's his BFF Robert" scenes.
28th-Aug-2009 11:42 pm (UTC)
****can't even support a more antagonistic relationship between Kevin and Robert at this point, because I don't ever want to see them on my screen at the same time EVER AGAIN.***

****if it means no more "Kevin <3's his BFF Robert" scenes***

I don't believe that the writers will FREE KEVIN (Yes, from now on in all caps) anytime soon either. And if they won't do that then I prefer to see Kevin/Robert fighting. And no more of this lovey-dovey BFF sh**, because that really annoys me.
29th-Aug-2009 12:05 am (UTC)
Wow that was very passionate, very engaging and very articulate. I did have some problems myself with the third season but for the most part I did enjoy it.

Your thoughts for Season 4 are fantastic but you are way more nicer about Holly than I'll ever be.

By any chance do you know when we'll be getting promotional shots for Season 4? I've seen the new ones for Desperate Housewives and now I want ones for Brothers And Sisters, even though I'm More4 bound when it comes to seeing the new season.
29th-Aug-2009 12:18 am (UTC)
So, so you see: I had not forgotten you. :D
Truth is that it was hard to post all this in one small reply-box. I kept writing and deleting and eventually thought to myself: I'm just going to make a post on my LJ.

*** By any chance do you know when we'll be getting promotional shots for Season 4?***
No, sorry, waiting impatiently though, I want to make some pics for this LJ. The others were usually around the end of Aug, early September. So I hope that it will be the coming week.
29th-Aug-2009 05:15 am (UTC) - Jenni
I read somewhere that Kevin/Scotty are gonna go to adopt a baby. Guess that storyline will be a big thing. Should be in my opinion and I agree with you on the tommy thing. Either let him admit he did wrong or write him of entirely. And the Matthew Luke and Rachael scene was hilarious.

Here's to hopeing Season 4 is more Kevin/Scotty.
29th-Aug-2009 02:10 pm (UTC) - Re: Jenni
***Here's to hopeing Season 4 is more Kevin/Scotty.***

Let's hope so. :)
29th-Aug-2009 05:26 pm (UTC)
29th-Aug-2009 10:25 pm (UTC)
frellin'? I assume you agree with me :D
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