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Keep it quiet!

Keep it quiet!

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Tommy, Justin, Robert, Jason.
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Summary: Because it doesn’t always have to turn out bad, when the boys are together.


They are all very happy to finally be able to get to their sleeping-bags and get some sleep. In the blue tent, Tommy fights with the broken zipper of his sleeping-bag, while Justin cannot be bothered at all. He feels it's too hot for a blanket.

In the red tent, Robert is about to turn off the light when Jason stops him, because he still wants to finish this page of his bible.
“Thought by now you can recite that book?” Robert jokes.
“No, only up to page 163, after that I’m lost.” Jason smiles.

In the green tent, Kevin has just zipped the two sleeping-bags together and he waits for his husband to join him. Scotty closes their tent, quickly checks for bugs, that might keep them awake tonight, but aside from a small spider, there aren’t any. He turns to Kevin and gently kisses Kevin, who zips the bag closed behind Scotty.

For almost a minute silence reigns on the small camping-site, but then there’s a soft moan, followed by another moaned ‘Oh, yes!’ and a ‘sshh’.
“Oh, no.” Justin covers his ears, seeing his brother cast an evil look through the canvas at where the green tent should be.

“Oh, Right there! Don’t stop!” Definitely Kevin.
“Ssshhh.” Probably Scotty.
“They are kidding, right?” Robert whispers and Jason remains remarkably quiet, biting his pillow.

It’s quiet again, until there’s a loud gasp.
“I want more.” This time it’s Scotty moaning.
“I can’t go any further.” Kevin’s voice is strained.

“Oh, come on!” Tommy yells. “Is that really necessary?”
“Can’t you be more quiet in your love-making?” Robert wonders out loud. Although the noise gets tuned down, there is still movement in the green tent. And then….

“Oh, yeah! Yeah! Don’t…” Kevin again.
“Sshhhh!” Scotty again.
“Kevin! Scotty! Will you just stop it!” Tommy yells.
“Seriously! The images in my mind are extremely disturbing!” Justin adds.

“Will you guys just get it over with, so we can get some sleep.” Robert now says, but the immediate silence that follows after his words only gets disturbed by Jason, who can’t stop laughing. “What’s so funny?” Robert asks grumpily.
“They .. are f… faking it.” Jason hiccups.

“What?!” Robert’s question gets echoed by Tommy and Justin and from the green tent comes the sound of muffled laughter.
“If Kevin was really having sex, he’d be much louder than this. Trust me.” Jason laughs.
“I heard that.” Kevin’s voice sounds quite normal.

“He is right though.” Scotty admits.
“Too much info.” Justin informs.
“What is wrong with you guys?” Tommy asks.
“Pay-back.” Kevin replies.

“For what?”
“Well, Justin, for all the times I had to listen to you two, making out with your girl-friends, while I shared a tent with dad… Talk about disturbing images!” Kevin says.
“So, you also felt the need to traumatize Jason and me?”

“Speak for yourself, brother, I didn’t find the idea of Kevin and Scotty having a go at it, that disturbing… In fact….”
“Enough! I think I get the picture.” Robert says.
“Robert! Get that picture of Kevin and me having sex out of your head.. right now!”

Robert laughs.
“Too late, Scotty.”
“Well, in that case, enjoy the view.” Scotty shrugs.
“Life at the office with Kevin will never be the same again.” Robert shakes his head.

“Now that is really disturbing.” Kevin laughs, snuggling up close to Scotty, they kiss softly, but leave it at that. Jason brushes his tears of laughter away and sees how Robert pulls the sleeping-bag over his head, while in the next tent Justin and Tommy try to find a comfortable position as well… Then, finally, it’s really quiet and the six men are asleep.


Tags: character - jason, character - justin, character - kevin, character - robert, character - scotty, character - tommy

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