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Deadly hunt 4/4

Deadly hunt 4/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Justin, Tommy, Robert and Jason
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Summary: A fun hunting trip goes awfully wrong


“Kevin!” Scotty’s voice is loud enough.
“Kevin, where are you?” Justin lets his flash-light go around, but he sees no more traces.
“Kevin, can you hear us?!” Robert yells, but in the silence that follows, all they can hear is the rain falling.

They found some traces of a liquid they believe to be blood. At least, Justin thinks it is blood. They move slowly to make sure they don’t miss something. They are hopeful and scared at the same time. Not knowing if they will see their worst nightmare come true or not, they keep calling for Kevin, hoping for a reply.


“What do you mean ‘gone’?” The police officer asks. The nurse shakes her head.
“Senator McCallister has left, although he had not been discharged yet. His doctor just noticed it, when he came in to check on the senator. He feared that the senator might have a concussion and wanted the see his responses upon waking up.”

A younger colleague comes closer with other information.
“Mr Wandell is not in his room, senator McCallister’s brother cannot be found and Mr Walker’s two brothers aren’t here either… My guess would be that they went looking for Mr Kevin Walker. They were displeased that the search had been called off.”

Ten minutes later two police-cars and several volunteers are ready to search for Robert and the others. The police too consider it wise to start the search at the place of the kidnapping. A team of paramedics travel with them, just in case Robert is hurt worse than he thinks, Kevin’s body is found or if they have to deal with other injuries.


Robert leans against a tree, his hand in his side, gasping for breath.
“One second, please, Scotty. I’m …. I’m not 18 anymore.”
“Are you sure, you’re okay?” Scotty asks concerned. Robert after all had had a heart-attack, maybe he should stop searching for Kevin and go back to the car.

“Yes, I’m fine, just need a second to catch my breath…” Robert replies. Scotty leans against the tree, next to Robert.
“Robert, I’m sorry…” he says after a few seconds of silence.
“For what?”

“For what I said to you this evening. This is not your fault. I know that Kevin made his own choice.. I just… When you were brought in safe and sound and I heard that Kevin got shot…. I completely lost it!”
“I know Kevin and I have had some rocky moments in our past, but I … I care a lot about him.”

Scotty sinks down to the ground and his hands cover his face.
“Am I holding on an impossible ideal?” he asks. Robert sits down next to him.
“What do you mean?”
“What are the odds that Kevin got through this?”

“Are you giving up on him?” Robert asks in disbelief.
“Be rational, Robert. What are his chances? He’s been out here for hours! Even if the shot didn’t kill him straight away, … could he have survived so long with a bullet-wound? You and Justin have experience with this. Be honest. Could he?”

“I honestly don’t know. I’ve seen people survive the greatest odds and I’ve seen people give up with the slightest objection they encounter. But I’ll tell you what I believe. I believe Kevin would go through hell and back to be with you. He loves you so much more than you’ll ever know.” Robert’s words echo the ones Kevin said to him not so long ago.

“I know. I keep forgetting it.” Scotty replies automatically.
“He was still alive when John told him to run. He ran! And if he’s still alive, he’ll find his way back to you, I’m sure of that. So, believe in him. He needs you to do that ... and to be honest, so do I…, because if  you give up, how can I continue to believe?”

Scotty nods. Robert is right.
“We won’t find him sitting here, Senator McCallister. So move your ass.” Scotty orders and Robert gets up with a smile on his face. They turn their lights back on and then their voices can be heard almost simultaneously as they call out Kevin’s name.


Oh, terrific! What is it that God has against him anyway? First a bullit, then the fall, the broken leg, the rain and now he starts hallucinating as well? He woke up believing he heard someone yell his name. But he cannot imagine it’s really happening. Can’t be. And yet…. There it is again!

“Kevin!” It is faint, but he can hear it.
“Help!” He cries out, unaware that the sound of his voice makes Justin raise a hand to quiet Jason and Tommy.
“Kevin!” Justin calls out again, waving his flashlight in the direction from where he thinks the sound came.

“I’m down here!” Justin hears and Tommy and he share a moment of complete relief at hearing Kevin’s voice. Justin and Jason slowly let themselves slide down, while Tommy stays behind holding the ropes for Justin and Jason to climb back up with.
“Kevin! “Jason tries and Kevin replies again, be it is softer than before.

But it is loud enough for them to pinpoint the direction and then Justin sees him.
“Oh, my God, Kev!” He kneels down beside Kevin. “I’m here, bro.” He lets Jason hold both flashlights as he starts searching Kevin’s body for the wound. Kevin looks way too pale and breathes very shallowly.

“Scotty?” Kevin asks.
“Up there. He and Robert are also looking for you. He’s alright. They both are.” Justin quickly says.

“Yes, Kev?”
“Tell Scotty I love him…. He must stop forgetting that… I love him.” The words are whispered.
“We know you love him. He knows it too. Don’t worry.” Just says.

“He keeps forgetting…” Kevin moans. “I… I love him….” There’s a sigh and Justin needs all his self-control to not freak out. “Kevin, stay with me….” He pleas, but Kevin’s eyes are closed and there’s no sign he heard Justin’s words. “Kevin, please, don’t do this to me. Don’t. Please.” Justin begs…


Frantic, that was the best way to describe the next few hours. The ambulance rushing the nearly dead Kevin and the panicked Scotty to the hospital. The police having some serious talks with Robert, Jason, Justin and Tommy about safety, but eventually they let the men go, who quickly returned to wait with Scotty at the hospital.

News of what happened that day had reached the media and the hospital was overrun with journalists trying to catch a glimpse of whomever it was who was dying. Then suddenly, like a posse, Nora, Sarah, Kitty and Rebecca had invaded the place. Their panic enhanced by the sensational news on the radio.

Again and again the men replied to all the questions Nora and the girls had, until Kitty had enough information to make a quick statement to the press and answer all their questions, to have it followed by a request to give Kevin’s husband and family some space and slowly the reporters left and peace came back to the hospital.


“And ….?” Scotty sees 7 pairs of eyes staring up at him in concern. He smiles relieved.
“They retrieved the bullet, no vital organs were hit, he lost a lot of blood and will feel pretty weak the coming days. His leg is broken and will take time to heal, but nothing shocking there…

So, provided there’s will no infections and with proper time to heal, he’ll be alright. The doctor is optimistic. He says that Kevin seems pretty determined to make it.”
“Well, of course he does. He has you to come back to.” Nora replies, happy with Scotty’s words and that reminds Justin of something.

“That’s right, Scotty. You were the one that was on his mind, when we found him. He said that he loved you. And…”Justin searches his memory. There had been something about Kevin’s words that seemed as if those words were not the most important ones and suddenly he remembers. “.. And that you should stop forgetting that.” Scotty smiles at Justin’s words.
“I know.” He replies.


Kevin opens his eyes, blinking at the soft sunlight that invades the room. Daylight! That is a positive sign. He’s not in pain, the medication seems to work. He turns his head to see some more. It happens very slowly, because Kevin is still not confident of the coordination between his brains and his body.

But then he sees what he needs to see. Scotty, asleep, in the chair next to him. Good. This means that Scotty is here. Always important. That Kevin is doing well. Or else Scotty would be frantic. And that there are no other Walkers, McCallisters or Harpers around, because then Scotty would be awake and be extremely protective of him.

“Scotty?” Oh! His voice sounds stronger than he expected and startled Scotty lifts his head.
“Kevin!!” The happiness that spreads on Scotty’s face is heart-breaking.
“Hey, babe.” Kevin smiles too. “I feared I would never see you again and never be able to tell you how much I love you and need you.”

“I feared we would never find you. We had no idea where to search for you.”
“Sorry, things went bad so quickly…. I sincerely believed I was going to die there.”
“Robert tried to retrace what had happened. It was a guess, but a good one.”
“Those guys who did this…?”

“Caught and in prison. They wanted a large amount of ransom from the McCallisters. They would use you, or your body, as the messenger.” Scotty shudders at the memory about what Robert had told him and then he feels Kevin’s hand cover his.
“Don’t worry. They didn’t kill me. I’m still here with you.”

“Yes, that is the most important thing I have to remember.” Scotty replies, caressing Kevin’s hair. “It’s amazing you made it through to begin with.”
“I could only think of you. Where we had been, what we had gone through. Where we are now and … most important… of the future I want…. With you in it… Every single day.”

Scotty’s eyes fill with tears, while he tries smile courageously.
“And I’m going to be there… Every single day.. Can’t imagine it being any other way.”
“I don’t always say it, or maybe I don’t say it so often, but you have to know….”
“I know….” Scotty places his finger on Kevin’s lips. “And from now on, I’ll never forget it again.”

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