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Deadly hunt 3/4

Deadly hunt 3/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Justin, Tommy, Robert and Jason
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Summary: A fun hunting trip goes awfully wrong


“You know, Scotty is right.” Tommy says.
“I know.” Justin replies.
“If it were one of us out there, Kevin would move heaven and earth to find us.”
“I know.” Justin repeats. “But what do you want me to do?”

“Where’s Scotty right now?”
“Back in the room the hospital appointed to us while we wait… They gave him something to help him sleep.” Justin sighs as he stands beside his brother. They both look down on the parking-lot where the rain pours down on the cars.

“He’s out there. Alone. Wet.” Tommy’s fear makes Justin wrap an arm around his shoulder and softly say.
“They’ll find him.”
“Yes. Tomorrow-morning. Dead.”

“Tommy!” Justin’s warning takes Tommy away from his dark thoughts.
“Sorry, you’re right. We shouldn’t think the worst. Not now, not yet. We have to believe that Kevin will be fine. Alive…” But neither Tommy, nor Justin can find comfort in these words and thoughts.


Scotty places the sleeping-pill on his little table and laughs sarcastically. Do they really believe that he’s going to sleep while his husband may be dying out there? He shakes his head. Quickly he slips off the bed and checks the hallway. Almost empty. Good. In his back-pack he searches for his strong torchlight, his rope, the map of the area and some other small items.

He is not unfamiliar with these hills, but doesn’t know them as good as Justin does either. But it will have to do. Everybody may be willing to wait until the next morning, but he isn’t. He has to do something and he cannot wait any longer. So, he slips out of his room and heads for his car.


“Jason? Are you asleep?” Robert asks.
“No. I keep worrying about Kevin. Out there.” Jason sighs. “I feel so helpless. All I can do is pray for him, but it feels… insufficient. For once God isn’t giving me peace. It only makes me more restless.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t sleep either. I can’t wait any more.”
“Robert, it’s only logical to wait until tomorrow. We don’t even have an idea of where to look for him. The men threw him out, but have no clue where it might have been. It’s a big area.”

“I know. I’ve heard the same explanation as you did, but …” Robert hesitates.
“But what?”
“I have an idea… Not sure though….”
“Let me hear it. I’m not going to sleep anyway…” Jason replies.

Kevin desperately tries to keep his eyes open, but he’s cold and wet and it gets harder and harder not to fall asleep. He just wants to close his eyes and drift off. He is slightly covered from the hard rain by the tall bushes around him, but the wetness seems everywhere.

He tries to focus on the clouds overhead, tries to keep his eyes open, but each time he blinks his eyes stay closed a little longer and eventually they don’t open again. Sleep has taken over, his body relaxes, his hands slips from his side and falls to the ground, but Kevin doesn’t notice.


“Planning on going somewhere?” The voice is harsh and sudden and Scotty turns around to see Justin and Tommy standing there.
“I have to, you guys. I can’t stay here.”
“Scotty…..” Justin starts, but Scotty holds up his hands.

“I know. I know. I’ve listened to everyone. It’s night. It rains. It's dangerous. It’s slippery. I could fall and hurt myself…. I remember it all… but, please, understand I cannot stay here any longer… They have given up on Kevin, they don’t believe he’s alive anymore. And that is the truth.

When they start their search tomorrow, they won’t go looking for a wounded Kevin, but for a dead Kevin. And I… I can’t stay here waiting. I know I’m being ridiculous, but I refuse to believe that Kevin is dead. I believe that if he were dead… I’d know… I’d feel it… Something in me would die with him …

He… I can’t give him up…” Scotty fights his tears away. “I believe he’s still alive. I have to believe that… because he is…. I know I’m not making any sense, but, please, let me go, don’t try and stop me. I’m not crazy. I just…."
“Hey easy, brother-in-law. We’re not going to stop you.” Tommy soothes.

“No, we saw you sneak out and we want to come with you…. Just give us a few seconds to take some of our own gear from our car, will you?” Justin smiles and Scotty relaxes.
“Really? You want to come with me?”
“Justin and I were talking how Kevin would do anything to find us, if it were one of us out there.”

Scotty watches in amazement how Tommy and Justin throw some of their own belongings in his car and feels thrilled that he’s not going to be alone in this quest after all.
“Ready to go?” Justin asks and Scotty nods.

“Hey Walkers!!!” Tommy, Justin and Scotty turn to the person calling them “…. And Wandell.” Robert corrects himself, making Scotty smile. “You guys plan to go somewhere without us?” He then asks.
“Robert, we have to go look for Kevin.” Scotty replies.

“That is what I said to Robert too.” Jason nods. “Neither of us could sleep. We’re too worried about Kevin. I believe he’s still alive and fighting for his life out there.”
“Me too.” Scotty admits.
“Good. We’ll take Jason’s car. It’s big enough for the five of us and our gear.” Robert decides.

The belongings of Scotty, Tommy and Justin are quickly put in Jason’s car.
“Do we even have a plan?” Tommy suddenly asks.
“Jason and I do… We’ll tell you all about it on the way up. We have no time to waste. Kevin is waiting for us.” Robert replies.


“Kevin, do you love me?” Scotty lies close to him.
“Of course I do, Scotty. I married you, didn’t I?” Kevin tries to laugh. He’s never that good with words of love, he knows. Scotty always seems to have the right words to say, so sometimes Kevin feels that, for a lawyer, he’s pretty inarticulate.

“Yes, but… Never mind.”
“No, if it’s important to you, tell me.”
“Nothing… I love you too.” Scotty replies, clearly wanting to end the conversation, so Kevin stays quiet too, but he feels uncomfortable.

Scotty is relaxing in his arms, he can feel it. His breathing becomes slow and deep. In the darkness of their room, Kevin kisses Scotty’s hair.
“I love you so much more than I will ever be able to tell you.” He sighs softly.

Scotty tenses in his arms, the sudden noise, no matter how soft, has woken him up. Kevin holds his breath. Had Scotty heard his words? He hears Scotty laugh and then Scotty kisses him softly and Kevin closes his eyes.
“I know…” He hears Scotty reply. “I keep forgetting it.”

Kevin smiles and opens his eyes….
But he reaches into nothing. He’s still on the ground, wet, tired and hurt…. Without Scotty. His eyes fill with tears. He wants Scotty’s warmth around him. He wants to get back to warm little place in Scotty’s arms….
“Scotty….” He moans softly and slips away to a dream-world again.


Scotty lifts up his head. The car has stopped. He feels slightly embarrassed for having nodded off like that. But it had been warm in the car and squeezed between Justin and Jason and finally on the way to search for Kevin, he had relaxed to a point of falling asleep, his head resting on Justin’s shoulder.

“Feel a bit better?” Justin asks softly.
“Headache.” Scotty replies.
“Here, take two aspirins, you’ll feel somewhat better once you’re out of the car and have some fresh air.” Justin says, giving Scotty a strip of aspirins and a bottle of water.

They all leave the car, except for Jason, and follow Robert up to the place where they would camp for the night.
“Alright..” Robert’s voice is calm, but tense. “Here is where we have to start… After they put you in the tents, Kevin and I were guided down along another path, which should be around here….

.. Ah yes, here it is… We followed this one. I’m sure.” Robert’s strong torchlight lights their way. They stay close together, as they move down the trail to stop near the road. “The van was parked over there…. If my memory is correct..” And Robert hopes it is and soon enough he finds the deep tracks along the road. “Yes! I knew it!”

At that moment, Jason drives up to them to join them and they get back in the car.
“They drove that way.” Robert points Jason in the right direction and Jason drives carefully up. “Now, everybody, please, be quiet and let me concentrate. I will try to remember what I can.”

Robert closes his eyes and John comes back to mind, telling him about the ransom money and….
“Bobby, fork in the road.” Jason’s voice is soft and Robert opens his eyes.
“We went upwards a bit. That way then, the other road seems to go down.”

Almost immediately the road starts to climb and Robert is happy he has the right road. Indeed it moves up suddenly very steeply and then the road is at level again and Jason can drive a bit faster. They stay on the road and Kevin’s concerned face comes back to Robert’s mind. He turns to Scotty.

“Kevin was worried about you….” He says and Scotty nods in understanding, while his nails dig into the top of Robert’s chair. “John and Benny move to the front to talk to the driver. The third man keeps an eye on us….. They start to argue, not sure why. I couldn’t hear everything…. And then the driver stopped the van….”

Jason slows down, Robert tries to recognize the surroundings. But in this dark rainy night it all seems so different from early this evening when there was still a bit of light and then… he recognizes the shape of a tree… at least he thinks he does.
“Stop! Stop the car! I think, it’s around here!”

“Are you sure…?” Scotty asks in doubt. Robert thinks it over before he answers.
“Yes.” He says the word with more certainty than he really feels. He hopes he’s right.
With Robert’s words sounding so convincing the men exit the car and start looking along the side of the road.

The thought behind this is, that if Kevin was bleeding when he got dragged out of the van, there might be blood somewhere. They all use their torch lights now and they slowly move along the way, but it’s all wet and the road looks very dark and Scotty wonders if they’ll be able to see something. Then Justin starts to shout.
“I think I found some blood!”


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