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Deadly hunt 2/4

Isn't Real Life a b****? This chapter was supposed to be longer, but, you know... Real Life.... (sigh)

Deadly hunt 2/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Justin, Tommy, Robert and Jason
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Summary: A fun hunting trip goes awfully wrong.

Stars. Plenty of stars. They look very pretty. They twinkle…. It takes Kevin a little bit to remember how he got here. The shot. Pain in his side. Blood. On his shirt. Hands grabbing him. He is in pain and falls, but gets pulled up again. Benny aiming his gun at him. Yelling that he’s going to kill Kevin.

Kevin closes his eyes, but he keeps seeing that gun-barrel pointed at him. He had believed his life was over. Then John had knocked away the gun and the shot had gone over his head. He was aware that John screamed at him to run away and with more fear than anything else, Kevin had turned around and ran off….

He didn’t get far… He blindly ran into a bush and then the ground disappeared from underneath him. A slope sent him sliding down, further down, away from the noises and screams and straight into a very dark black place and then he was unconscious until he had opened his eyes to see stars. Pretty little stars.

He carefully lifts up his hand. It is red with blood. He controls his urge to scream, knowing it won’t do him any good. Maybe those men are even looking for him to kill him. He coughs and tries to think of what to do… In crime-series they always yell to apply pressure to the wound to stop it from bleeding…. Or something…

So he presses his shirt and hand tightly on the wound and screams in pain. He nearly starts to hyperventilate, but then manages to get his breathing back in control. He’s going to need his senses. He is all alone. He’s shot. He’s bleeding. He’s going to die… No, he’s not going to die!.. No way!

“Think, Kevin.” He encourages himself, but when he closes his eyes all he can see are Scotty’s beautiful blue eyes. Yes. Scotty will be his anchor, just like he always is. “Get up, Kevin.” He tells himself and tries, but a pain rushes through him, a pain so strong that he nearly loses consciousness again.

He tries to look down and sees his leg lying in a rather unnatural position. It’s broken. So far Kevin had tried to remain calm, but seeing his leg like this, tears down his last defence and he cries out in pain and frustration. He is suddenly petrified and feeling awfully alone.


Bright lights. Lots of bright lights. Robert blinks. He is on his back and he now recognizes the corridor of a hospital, doctors around his bed, but also a police-officer. Did he have another heart-attack? He tries to remember… but all he can think of is that something is missing… No not some thing, but some body. Kevin!

“Where is Kevin?” He moans.
“Mr McCallister, Mr Walker was not in the van with you. Where is he?” The officer asks.
“He got shot. He needs a doctor. Ask those men what they did with his body…” Robert breathes heavily.

He sees a doctor come at him with some oxygen-mask. He tries to push it away, but it’s no use. The nurses know how to handle recalcitrant patients and the last thing Robert sees is a petrified look on Scotty’s face as he approaches the bed, demanding to know what happened to Kevin…

“This is all your fault! You wanted him on your team! You killed him! .. It’s all your fault!” Scotty yells at Robert. Justin pulls Scotty away from the bed and Tommy steps in as well to keep Scotty away from Robert, but it doesn’t prevent Scotty from accusing Robert over and over again with the same words. Robert sees the oxygen-mask coming at him and everything is black again.


Kevin doesn’t know how long he’s been lying here. Could be four hours, could be four minutes. He doesn’t have the feeling that the wound is still bleeding, but it’s hard to tell, because his shirt is soaked. He closes his eyes, feeling tired, but then quickly opens them, afraid that if he falls asleep, he’ll never wake up again.


“So, you guys alerted the police and they blocked all entrances to the forest?” Robert asks, still trying to figure out what had happened. Jason nods.
“Yes, seems there a only a few access roads that can be travelled by car. Tommy was pretty sure he heard a van. The police assumed you guys were kidnapped with one.

They checked every van and large car that wanted to leave the area. Your guys tried to turn around and drive off, which alerted the police and send them after your kidnappers. Not exactly the brightest guys. Police found you on the floor of the van, your head covered with blood. They were happy to see you were still alive however.” Jason smiles.

Robert leans back against the pillow, his face showing his concern for Kevin.
“How’s Scotty?”
“Bad. He’s scared and angry and anything in between… Thank God, we have Justin, who seems to be able to know exactly how to deal with Scotty.”

“I can’t blame Scotty for being angry… I don’t know what I’d do if Kitty was somewhere out there, hurting.” Robert closes his eyes. They may have their problems, still, but if anything would ever happen to her…
“I’m glad that Justin is taking care of Scotty, but who’s talking care of Kevin?” Robert worries.


Oh, no! Kevin panics. He must have fallen asleep or lost consciousness or something, because the pretty stars are gone and the sky is cloudy. Kevin can feel the chill from the cold ground penetrate his thin coat. Great! His leg is broken, If he’s not going to bleed to death, he can always freeze to death…. Can this night get any worse? … Then the first raindrop falls…


“I’m sorry, Mr Wandell, I can understand your concern but the it’s too dark to see anything and it’s starting to rain. It will almost be impossible to find him…” Scotty stares in disbelief at the officer who informs him of the fact that the search for Kevin has been momentarily stopped.

“What? No. You can’t stop. Kevin needs to be found.” Scotty says, unable to understand why they give up so soon.
“Scotty, the officer is right.” Justin now replies. “It’s too dark and the rain makes the terrain too slippery.”

“I get that, Justin… Dark. It’s raining. It’s slippery…. Someone else might get hurt… I’m not stupid …. But tell me something. If Kevin is out there… maybe still alive… Do you think he’s going to stop bleeding to death because it gets dark and rainy? Or do you think he'll continue to die regardless of the inconvenient rain?” Scotty asks aggressively.

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