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Pink fluff

Pink fluff

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Summary:  Because Olego wanted some ‘Pink fluff’. Not sure if this is what Olego had in mind.


“What on Earth is this?” Kevin asks, as he opens a plastic bag that’s been sitting on the top-shelve of their closet for months now.
“No!” Scotty yells, making a jump to grab the bag. However Kevin easily keeps it away from him, but with the sudden movement the bag topples and a long pink boa nearly falls out.

Kevin carefully caresses the soft feathers, but then teasingly looks at Scotty.
“Care to explain?”
“This is what we call a boa.” Scotty tries to keep some feeling of decorum.
“I know… we call it a boa… but what is it doing in our closet…”

“It wasn’t ready to come out.”
“Well, it shouldn’t have moved in with two gay guys then.” Kevin immediately replies and Scotty has to hide his grin. “Because now it is out, for the whole world to see.”
“This boa’s shrink is not going to like that.”

“It has a shrink?”
“Yes, because it’s feathers became all sticky, it wasn’t paying attention to itself anymore, so I called a shrink for it and look how great it looks now.”

“Are you sure you are not the one who needs a shrink?” Kevin asks and they both smile. “But you haven’t answered my question. Why do we have a boa?”
“I bought it 5 years ago, for a party, I was all in pink…. Pink shorts, pink shirt, boa. Even my hair was pink.”

“I had spend a week at my parents’ house and I felt the total need to be extremely gay.”
“I get that.”
“And it’s pretty.”

“I agree.” Kevin grabs the boa and throws it around Scotty’s neck, pulling him closer with it, so he can kiss Scotty passionately. “You’re right, this boa is so hot.” Keeping Scotty captured with it, he guides Scotty to the bed and pulls Scotty on top of him
“If you think the boa is hot, you should see me in the pink thong that came with it…”

Kevin looks at Scotty, not sure whether to dare him to put it on or be amused at the idea of Scotty wearing one.
“Maybe I should put it on..?” Scotty suggests with a wicked grin, but Kevin shakes his head.
“What’s the point? I’d be tearing it off your body in seconds.”

“You would?! Reason to put it on then.” Scotty makes a move to get up, but Kevin doesn’t let him, instead he rolls him over on his back, so he can straddle Scotty.
“Ah, ah,” Kevin says, forcing Scotty to take of his shirt. “The only thing you’ll be wearing tonight is this fluffy boa and nothing else.” And Scotty smiles.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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