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Deadly hunt 1/4

Deadly hunt 1/4 

By Marea67
About: Kevin, Scotty, Justin, Tommy, Robert and Jason
Rate: maybe R for language 
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Summary: A fun hunting trip goes awfully wrong.


“You know, in all, this is great.” Robert says, taking another bite. “We’ve had a good hunt and, Scotty, the food was excellent.” Scotty nods in acceptance of the compliment. They are all relaxed around the campfire. Three small tents ready for the night. One for Kevin and Scotty, one for Robert and Jason and one for Tommy and Justin.

“I agree.” Tommy chimes in. “Listen, I want to thank you all for making this one week return such a good one.”
“I hate that you’re going back to Mexico on Tuesday.” Justin sulks.
“Me too. But, to be honest, I’m very happy there. I am needed there and …”

“We need you too.” Kevin says, maybe a bit too quickly. “… well, at least, mom does.” He shrugs, making Jason smile in silence.
“Oh, I bet Sarah and Kitty need me too.” Tommy replies, the grin between Kevin and Tommy makes it clear, that Tommy is well aware of what Kevin had said.

Robert is about to lean back, when a noise in the bushes grabs his attention. Four hunters emerge from the forest, startling the little group sitting by the camp-fire.
“Evening.” One of the hunters tabs his baseball cap. “Sorry to disturb you, saw the camp-fire, were wondering who was here… Hey, aren’t you Robert McCallister, the Senator?”

“That’s right.” Robert replies with a smile, not seeing any reason to deny it. The hunter laughs and Robert starts to feel unsettled, especially when suddenly 4 shotguns are pointed at all of them.
“Everybody stay calm and no one gets hurt.... Wanna play the hero and you’re dead.”

The threat is obvious enough and six pair of hands go up in the air.
“Listen, do with me what you want, just don’t hurt any of them.” Robert pleas, worried about his brother and brothers-in-law.
“You’re coming with me.” The hunter says and he orders the others to tie up Justin, Jason, Scotty and Tommy.

Then, turning his gun on Kevin, he orders Kevin to get up as well. “You’re Senator McCallister’s communications director. You’re coming along as well.”
“No!” The shocked reaction escapes Scotty’s lips before he can stop it.
“It will be alright, honey, don’t worry.” Kevin automatically says to calm Scotty’s panic.

“Honey? Oh, right, you’re gay, is that your boyfriend?” The hunter asks and Kevin feels fear grab him by the throat.
“My.. husband.” He corrects nonetheless, trying to conceal his fear.
“Cute.” There is a certain sarcasm in the hunter’s voice, that is rather menacing.

“Don’t hurt him.” Kevin freezes with fear of what might happen to Scotty. The man laughs even colder.
“Don worry, if you’re a good boy, you’ll be back with him for breakfast, to give him whatever you fags eat in the morning… provided everyone stays calm.”

His gun swings back to the four tied up men and Scotty and Justin get thrown in one tent, while Tommy and Jason get shoved into the other. Robert and Kevin are forced to go along with their captors, still unsure of what this is about. Their share a concerned look, but there’s nothing they can do with four guns pointed at them.


They get pushed into the back of a van, with the same threat of staying calm or else….
“Please, what is this all about?” Robert asks as politely as he can.
“Your family will pay a nice little amount of ransom-money for you.”
“Is that what this is about? Money?”

“It makes the world go around, so yes, it’s all about the money.” Kevin and Robert have figured out that the leader is called John and they know there’s a Benny, the other two are still unknown to them.
“The Walkers don’t have that much money to pay for Kevin.” Robert tries to at  least get rid of Kevin, but John laughs.

“That doesn’t matter, he doesn’t matter. We will release him later on with the instructions on what the McCallisters will have to do. So, no worries, he’ll be safe. Just like I promised his cute little husband he would be… You on the other hand….. I’m not so sure of that.” John grins unsympathetically, waving his shot-gun in front of Robert’s face.

Kevin still feels panic, but tries to stay calm. He’s worried about Scotty, but also about Robert, who is remarkably in control. The van seems to be going upward on a road, because both Robert and Kevin have trouble keeping their balance. Then the climb must be over because the car picks up speed again and they both feel that they no longer have to defy gravity.

Kevin exhales nervously and Robert, after giving him a glance, says softly:
“No worry, you heard them. You’ll be alright… Just to know that little fact, makes it easier for me. I know I don’t have worry about you.” Kevin gives him a watery smile, not sure if John’s definition of ‘safe’ is the same as his own is.


As the footsteps of the men fade away, Justin rolls over to Scotty.
“I’ll try and untie you.” Justin says and Scotty nods, turning around so Justin can try. Time passes and it seems like hours to Scotty, but the rope around his wrists loosens enough for Scotty to free his hands and quickly he unties Justin as well.

Once their feet are freed, they run over to Jason and Tommy to help them, only to find that Tommy and Jason have just managed to do it themselves as well. Fortunately their phones have good reception and they manage to alert the police of the kidnapping and, thank God, the police takes their call serious, because they arrive quickly enough.

Scotty and Jason can give a good description of the attackers and Tommy remembers the sound of a van driving off, not sure though if Robert and Kevin were in it or not. Scotty gives them a picture of Kevin, while Jason provides one of Robert. After that the police start to search the immediate area.

Tommy, Justin, Scotty and Jason cannot do anything else, but put out the fire and clear their camping gear, as they are not in the mood for the trip anymore. With everything back in their respective cars, all they can do is prepare for the long wait for the police-investigation to come up with something.

“It is NOT!!” John yells at Benny. Robert would later never exactly remember at what moment that argument erupted or what it was about exactly, except that it did. And that suddenly the van had stopped along the road somewhere in the forest, because Robert could vaguely see the trees through the window.

Benny waves his gun at John.
“We’ll do it exactly as I said. We kill them now.”
“No!” John shakes his head in return. “We can’t, we need them alive. We have the letter with our demands right here.”

“So, we’ll stick it to this faggot’s dead body. They’ll get the message that we’re not joking.” Benny now points his gun at Kevin, making Kevin back up and wince as his head hits the side of the van with a thud.
“No! No, please, don’t! Please, you promised he wouldn’t get hurt.” Robert interferes.

He’s suddenly scared for Kevin’s life. Though he believes that John doesn’t want to hurt either of them, it’s clear that Benny and his two friends have little regard for other people's lives.
“Give me that gun!” John orders. “I don’t like that you wave it like that at people.”

“Want it? Come and get it.” Benny taunts. John steps forward and grabs it, but Benny pulls out another gun, smaller and revolver-like. It all happens so quickly that Robert would later not be able to give a better description of the events, than the fact that Benny and John start a fight for the gun, when a loud shot sounds through the van.

Robert hears a gasp beside him and to his shock he sees a hole in Kevin’s shirt that slowly becomes red. Kevin’s fingers cover the hole, almost surprised about how it got there. For Robert it seems as if time stands still. He whispers Kevin’s name and Kevin looks up at him in confusion.

Suddenly there’s a panic amongst the men. Benny yanks Kevin to his feet.
“Get him out of here! Quickly! Now!” He yells.
“No! Please, get him to a hospital.” Robert begs, but the men pull Kevin out of the van. There is shouting outside as the men frantically yell at each other. Then there’s a shot!

“No! God, please, no!” Robert jumps up in terror. Benny enters the van and slams Robert back against the side of the van. But Robert is too worried about Kevin to be impressed by the violence. “What have you done to Kevin?!” And all Robert remembers afterwards is the pain as he gets hit over the head and everything turns black.

Tags: character - jason, character - justin, character - kevin, character - robert, character - scotty, character - tommy

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