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Turn a different corner 58/?

Turn a different corner 58/?

By: Marea67

About: Holly/Emily, Justin/Jordan, Sarah/Nora, Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G., except for Kevin/Scotty NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26, part 27, part 28, part 29, part 30, part 31, part 32, part 33, part 34, part 35, part 36, part 37, part 38, part 39, part 40, part 41, part 42, part 43, part 44, part 45, part 46, part 47, part 48, part 49, part 50, part 51, part 52, part 53, part 54, part 55, part 56 and part 57


The first 10 miles Holly just stares out the window, not saying a word to Emily. Just when Emily fears Holly will never talk to her again, Holly begins to grin.
“I punched him pretty good in the face, didn’t I?”
“Yes. You did. He didn’t see it coming. He didn’t know you were there.”

“It was a very enlightening day.” Holly nods. “I feel very stupid, for falling for William, no question asked. But I also feel good, because I hurt him back. Real good…. Guess he won’t be buying my winery after all.” Holly sighs.
“Did you want him to?” Emily asks.

“Not at first, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep my head above water. My company might just not survive.”
“I’m sorry.” Emily replies and those are not just words, she knows how important Harper’s Landing is to Holly, but Holly looks out the widow again. Quietly.


Justin puts the glasses in the kitchen-sink. Because Kevin and Scotty decided to take Mario and Quinn home first, Justin had offered to drive Chad and Jason back, because Chad’s car is in the parking-garage in their building and Jason can take the bus back to .. wherever he lives.

Upon hearing that Jason would have to take bus, Chad had offered to take Jason home and after a strong cup of coffee, Chad and Jason had left. From where he stands, Justin can see that Jordan is rather sad.
“Hey, Jordan?” Jordan looks up. “Thank you for sticking up for me. With my dad.”

“You’re welcome.” Jordan smiles. “I meant everything I said. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend.” Jordan takes his cup into the living room and drops down on the couch.
“Really? Then let me be a friend. Why are you so sad? It’s unlike you to this down.”
“Oh, nothing. It’s just that I had hoped to get to know Jason a bit better and now Chad’s gone with him.”

“And why would that bother you?” Justin asks and then he gets it. “Oh, I see. Ouch, that’s painful… Your were interested in Jason.. for yourself?”
“I know…. It’s ridiculous. Jason has never shown any interest in me…. But I can hope, no? It’s just… it’s always the same old story. I mean, I run into two good looking men at a party and they leave together and I’m alone. Why couldn’t one of them chose me?”

“Which one were you interested in the most?”
“Chad, but he’s completely out of my league… But then, so is Jason.” Jordan shrugs.

Justin sees how disappointed Jordan is and sighs. Sometimes he doesn’t get it. Jordan is so incredibly nice and sweet, yet, he cannot hold on to a guy if his life depended on it. Justin shakes his head in disappointment, but then wraps an arm around Jordan to pull him closer and offer some comfort and he decides to talk to Kevin and Scotty about this.


Sarah arranges the guest-room. After all the guests had left, some more harsh words had fallen between William and Nora, upon which Nora had decided to leave the house, feeling unable to spend one more moment in William’s company and Sarah had offered her the spare-room, which Nora had thankfully accepted.

Sarah sits down on the bed, feeling incredibly tired. Noah is gone. Her parents’ marriage in gone… She feels so grateful that Mario had taken the kids inside, where they didn’t witness the fight outside. She wouldn’t know how to explain it to them.
“I’m sorry.” She hears Nora say and she turns around.

“Don’t be, mom, it was an awful day.”
“I thought that, given time, your dad and I could survive, like Tommy and Julia. Besides, it’s not the first time your father cheated on me… and I got over it the first time… I so wanted to do it again, but I couldn’t. It seemed the second time round the betrayal went even deeper..

That’s the part that drives me crazy. He said he would stop and, yet, he did it again. If I had known … He just never wanted to give up anything for me. He just …. lied…. But this time he’s going to pay for it. I want him to feel as small and as stupid as I did.

I’m not proud of what happened today, but I’m glad it did. I feel torn in all directions. I’m so ashamed of myself, but at the same time….God it felt good!” Nora presses her fist to her lips. And Sarah can almost feel the frustration in her mother. Sarah hugs Nora, not knowing what else to do.


“Well, that was an interesting day.” Scotty says, putting his keys on the table. Kevin looks at him, his eyes follow Scotty across the room, for what must be at least one minute.
“Yeah…” Kevin then replies slowly. “It was …. interesting.”

“How are you feeling?” Scotty’s concern shines through in his voice and Kevin sighs.
“I honestly don’t know. Everything. Nothing. And everything in between.” Kevin rubs his eyes and Scotty offers him a drink, while he sits down next to Kevin. Kevin immediately nestles close to him, seeking his comfort and tenderness.

“Well, on the bright side, everyone knows about us know.” Scotty tries to smile.
“Yeah… And they won’t forget it.” Kevin nods.
“Now what? I assume you won’t go to your mom’s house again.”

“Not while my father is there, no…. Maybe never again, I don’t know yet.” Kevin ponders. “You know, my father told me not to set foot in that house again… And I said I would never,... I’m caught between being nasty and going there only when I know he won’t be there. And just not going ever again, just to stand up for my principals… But I don’t want mom hurt either.”

“Why not stay away for a while, out of principle and then only return when he’s not there.” Scotty suggests.
“Good idea. I don’t know yet. I’ll see what mom wants. My dad can go to hell, but my mom… If she needs me, I have to be there for her.”

“And you will… No one is ever going to stop you… But I also think your mom will be the first to tell you to stick to your principles and just LET him go to hell.” Scotty reminds him. Kevin has to agree. He tilts his head back, his lips seeking Scotty’s. It’s just for a bit of tenderness at first, but then his hand reaches out to Scotty’s cheek.

His thumb caresses the soft skin. He loves it when Scotty shaves this smoothly. He continues to kiss Scotty, as he pulls him down on top of him. He can feel Scotty’s hands on his hips, crushing him into the couch with that particular rhythm he knows so well. There’s a soft moan as he spreads his legs to let Scotty between them.

It takes just one roll from Scotty's hips to make Kevin understand that Scotty is just as hard as the is. So, the kiss becomes more hungry, more demanding, spiced up with a certain level of frustration, anger and disappointment over what happened today. Kevin wants to lose himself in Scotty, or with Scotty inside him. Whichever.

“S-s-scotty.” He stammers. “I want you.”
“I know, baby.” Scotty sooths him. He gets up and reaches out to help Kevin up. The bed waits and it isn’t until Kevin is on the bed, on his back, naked, that Scott’s body covers his. Scotty lowers his head to kiss Kevin before his experienced fingers start to prepare Kevin.

Kevin’s lips part for Scotty’s tongue, while he relaxes enough to let Scotty’s fingers penetrate his body. He completely surrenders himself to Scotty. His moans become needier to a point where he impatiently pushes Scotty’s hand away and abruptly ends the kiss to turn on his stomach.

Scotty closes his eyes tightly, always overwhelmed by how it good it feels to be inside Kevin, to feel him shudder on penetration and to watch the muscles move as he arches his back. Scotty’s hands have a firm grip on his hips and Kevin lets their passion just wash over him.

He knows that Scotty cannot keep going on with these slow, deep thrusts for long and that soon enough he will pick up speed. As if Scotty can hear his thoughts, he moans deeply and starts to move faster. Kevin replies, moving up against Scotty, pushing the pillows of the bed, because his grip on them is useless.

But then suddenly, Scotty pulls Kevin up, Kevin’s back against his chest. He pushes himself as deep inside Kevin as possible, while he tilts Kevin’s head back forcing him to kiss him. Scotty’s other hand snakes between Kevin’s legs, grabbing hold of him.

“You’re mine, Kevin Walker.” He moans softly into Kevin’s ear. “All mine.”
“I’m all yours.” Kevin agrees. “Now, please…” Scotty’s lips are back on his, claiming him and Kevin’s head spins with the input of impulses. Scotty moves his hips and Kevin can feel him move inside his body, but also the hands on him, the tongue thrust into his mouth.

When Scotty releases his grip on Kevin, Kevin remains on hands and knees, completely overtaken by this man he calls his husband. And he knows that no one will ever tear them apart, certainly not William. And to know he is finally in place where William cannot get to him sets him free.


"You see that church over there? That is where I preach... I'm a minister... In a Catholic church..."

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