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welcome to my fantasies
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24th-Nov-2017 11:08 pm - Haven't given up ...
do what they do best
.. on either my LJ or the boys. But I'm currently writing for the NaNoWriMo. Passed the 40.000 words (out of the 50.000 or more words). I'm writing my own story. First time, all my own characters, my own words, my own things. And for the first time I'm writing in Dutch (my native language)

It took a while to find the voices in Dutch, because I'm so used to 'hearing' English, so it was quite exciting.

Re-reading the first pages it was all clearly still very stiff, but I'm right now at page 58 and the characters are really coming alive. It was quite a challenge.

The NaNo goes on until 30 November and before that time I want to get to my 50.000 words (or more).

At the same time I still want to write something Kevin/Scotty too this coming week, because 30 November marks the 10 year anniversary of my first story "Telephone".

I just don't know yet what I will write. Lack of inspiration. :D
31st-Oct-2017 08:47 pm - Fanfic: Halloween on the 8th floor
Halloween on the 8th floor

By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty are invited to a Halloween-party.


Halloween on the 8th floor.Collapse )
27th-Oct-2017 12:29 am - Pics and such
Remember this complaint that Photo-fuck-off had ruined my old posts?  Well, all pics are now Imgur and all old posts have been corrected. (I hope) If anyone still runs into an old post where pics are screwed up, let me know.

Want a trip down memory lane with all those pics and my so-called 'art-work' on Matthew/Luke/B&S?

LJ 2008
LJ 2009
LJ 2010
LJ 2011
LJ 2012
LJ 2013 (has only 5 or 6 pics because I moved to Imgur then)
actor luke macfarlane

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie World Premiere

Stars: Jill Wagner ("Christmas Cookies," "Teen Wolf"), Luke McFarlane ("Brothers and Sisters")

Premieres: Saturday, December 16 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Source: www.thefutoncritic.com (scroll all the way down, almost at bottom of the page)
2nd-Oct-2017 10:14 pm - Inspiration point.
quote: get drunk?
Bwhaha, look at what I found. From the good-ol'-days when the boys could still bother to get my inspiration going again.

16th-Sep-2017 05:40 pm - Fanfic: Why?
kevin/scotty valentine rose

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Daniel
Rate: G(-ish)
Disclaimer: Written with love. Not for money.
Summary: Daniel and that every annoying 'why' question….


Why?Collapse )

11th-Sep-2017 10:49 pm - Fanfic: Just friends... nothing more.
kevin/scotty ice cream
Just friends... nothing more.

By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: written with love, not for money
Summary: Kevin shows Scotty that he can be just a friend (Set between 2.07 and 2.08)

Just friends... nothing more.Collapse )
29th-Jul-2017 08:47 pm - Slight "WTF" moment....
... When I ran into an old post of mine that was posted as a "Private Post" and it had the text:

"Things are nowhere near as problematic as you think right now, so stop worrying. Worry will give you wrinkles -- and besides, it's bad for your health! Yes, you should definitely acknowledge any feelings of insecurity or fear, but you can't let them guide your actions. Be proactive, and move yourself to where you want to be instead of wallowing in the unpleasantness of where you are right now. No one but you can make the important changes you want in your life."

I have no idea where it came from (Seen on tv? Heard in a song? Read someplace else? If anyone has any idea I'd like to know.) nor what the context of this could be. But it was interesting to read. :) 
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