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welcome to my fantasies
19th-Jun-2019 10:21 pm - Killjoys season 5....
actor luke macfarlane
.. I can't be the only one curious to find out what this will be all about.

12th-Jun-2019 11:15 pm - Fanfic: Four seasons: Summer
kevin/scotty asleep
Four seasons: Summer

by Marea67
Kevin, Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: It's such a HOT day...

SummerCollapse )
4th-Jun-2019 11:27 pm - Just little snippets of stories....
I'm a bit bored, so I thought I'd bore myself even more with having a look at some of the stories I had started, but somehow never finished, because the idea just fizzled, I got stuck, K/S would suddenly no longer 'talk' to me, etc.

Snippets of storiesCollapse )
14th-Mar-2019 05:48 pm - Yes!!!
I finally have a new job!! So happy!!
3rd-Feb-2019 10:09 pm - Alright!
quote: get drunk?
I've updated 2018 and started a post for all my 2019 fan-fic... If any will actually get finished. Well, at least I have ONE (part)-story already posted on 2019.

In the side-column you can find links to all my stories per year. If you find links that don't work, please, let me know. I often randomly pick one to see if the links still work, but I cannot keep an eye on all of them.

Furthermore, I'm working on a story now. The working name (so it might still change) is "Your cheating heart", which will put Kevin/Scotty between 2 couples dealing with cheating, which causes K/S to having to pick sides, have differences of opinion, wonder about where their loyalties are and give them a re-think about what happened between them in season 5... So cheerful!   ;) 
christmas story
Marry me before Christmas 10/10

By Marea67
: Kevin & Scotty (mostly )
Rating: It will undoubtedly have some NC-17 there, what else would be the point?
Disclaimer: As usual, written with love and not for money
Summary: It's a alternative view on the Hallmark Christmas movies TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT and just try to enjoy it ;)

To make it easier to read the 'here and now' will be blue
The alternative will be just in black as it a most of the story.

Marry me before Christmas 10/10Collapse )
1st-Jan-2019 10:59 pm - I quit! ...
.. Well at least for tonight. Final chapter is written and in general it's better than yesterday. I've written in an NC-17 moment as well, but... that part is about as "hot and exciting" as watching paint dry on a cold, wet day in November...

I'm tired and just want to get some sleep. See you tomorrow with the (hopefully)'finished to satisfaction'-chapter.
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